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Men's College Soccer Recruits

Graduation Year
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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Emmett Huff NCFC WF United Black 2019
Jaylen Stokes NCFC WF United Black 2019
Roy Chulapakorn NCFC WF United Black 2019
Nicolo Falcone NCFC WF United Black 2019
Paul Seidel JLFC Crew 06 Elite B 2019
Roberto Dominguez-Angel TESC ELITE RED 2017
Aldair Hernandez TESC ELITE RED 2019
Cooper Mccraw SGCSA STRIKERS 2019
Evan Black SGCSA STRIKERS 2019
Samuel Martin SGCSA STRIKERS 2019
Andrew Gomez SGCSA STRIKERS 2019
Vasileios Karagiannis TESC ELITE RED Forward/Mid2019
Carter Mammano SGCSA STRIKERS 2019
Nahum Segura TESC ELITE RED 2017
Oliver Montalvan-Flores TESC ELITE RED 2017
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TRIELFC 2019 F M N 4 0
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