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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Anthony Sanchez-Hernandez WFC Valencia 2024
John March Carolina Velocity 05 White Left Wing2024
Ryan Livermore WFC Valencia 2024
Andrew Morgan WFC Valencia 2021
Hal Morehead WFC Valencia 2024
Junyoung Lee WFC Valencia 2023
Dustin Hughes WFC Valencia 2021
Jacob Alves WFC Valencia 2024
Evan Jockish WFC Valencia 2021
Owen Richichi WFC Fiorentina 2024
Hunter Frisbie TESC Red Center Defender2024
Brayden Mabe LSA - 2010 Boys Red 2021
Matthew Campbell-Young PTFC White 2022
Arnol Moya-Canelo TESC Red 2024
Alexis Pelaez TESC Red 2024
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TRN644 2021 F M 4 0
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