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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Aidan Darr HFC 06 Black Center Mid2024
Teamo Emile HFC 06 Black 2024
Justin Hawkins SGCSA Strikers White Defensive/Mid2024
Ian McDuffie HFC 06 Black 2025
Breyson Mallette HFC 06 Black 2024
Tymofii Trautskyi HFC 06 Black 2024
Aaron Clinard PTFC White 2020
Larry Deloya-Marban NCFC 05 RAIDERS 2024
Avery Graham 09 HFC White Left Mid2021
Hanson Garcia-calderon 09 HFC White 2021
Jackson Thomas SGCSA Strikers White 2024
Dawson Tobin SGCSA Strikers White 2017
Aidan Tobin SGCSA Strikers White 2024
Hilario Alcantar SGCSA Strikers White 2021
Brayden Graves BSC Cardinal 2021
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WJMYST 2021 F M N 5 0
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