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The Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club cordially invites you to submit an application for our annual Head of the Lakes Invitational Soccer Tournament.  This year's tournament will be held June 12-14, 2020.  Games will be played at two locations:  Jean Duluth Soccer Complex and the Stebner Soccer Complex.  The City of Duluth has a no pet/animal, no alcohol, tobacco use, and drug free policy at our soccer fields.  Any use of these substances will not be tolerated.  Pets/animals need to remain out of the field complexes.  If there is a conflict with MYSA league games, the league games must be rescheduled.


 Competition will be provided at the following combined brackets:



U9B MN Blue, MN Black                             U9G MN Blue, MN Black

     U10B MN Blue, MN Black                           U10G MN Blue, MN Black

     U11B  Blue, Black, First Division                U11G  Blue, Black, First Division

     U12B  Blue, Black, First Division                U12G  Blue, Black, First Division

     U13B  Blue, Black, First Division                U13G  Blue, Black, First Division

     U14B  Blue, Black, First Division                U14G  Blue, Black, First Division

     U15B  Blue, Black, First Division                U14G  Blue, Black, First Division




A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 teams will be accepted into each bracket.


The registration deadline is April 15, 2020.  Entries are limited and on a first come/first served basis.  Confirmation of acceptance will be e-mailed no later than May 15, 2020.  The tournament committee will notify teams that are not accepted by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.  The entry fee is $400.00 for U11 - U15 teams, and $300.00 for U9/U10 teams.  If a refund is requested prior to the registration deadline (4/15/20), there will be a $25 processing fee deducted from your refund.  If a refund is requested between the registration deadline (4/16/20) and the confirmation deadline (5/15/20), there will be a $200 processing fee deducted from your refund.  These processing fees are under the discretion of the Tournament Director.  Any cancellation after May 16,2020, no refunds will be granted.


Register online at http://www.soccerincollege.com/TTIntro.aspx?tid=GITCHI or visit our club website at www.gitchsoccer.com and click on the Head of the Lakes link to the online registration.  Please feel free to contact the tournament director with any questions you may have.







Teams may roster up to 12 players at U9/U10 with a limit of 5 guest players, 16 players at U11 and U12 with a limit of 5 guest players, and 18 players at U13-U15 with a limit of 5 guest players.  Guest players must be from the same club, the same level and division of the registered team, or lower.  An official guest player roster must be submitted at registration.  No player may be on the roster of more than one tournament team.  Rosters are frozen at the time of registration.  MYSA Game report rosters are acceptable for team rosters at registration.



Teams that register with the Head of the Lakes Tournament assume that each team will be placed in the age and class in which they are registered within their state soccer organization. Teams are allowed to request to play up in age level and/or competitive division, however, the final determination of whether a team will be permitted to play up will be made by the Head of the Lakes Tournament Committee and Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club. Any team that fulfills the age requirements to play at a lower age bracket, contrary to initial registration requests, may do so in accordance to the rules of the tournament and approval of the tournament director.


On-site registration will open Friday, June 12th at 2pm.  All teams MUST check in at least one hour before the start of their first game.  Rosters, VALID player and coach(es) passes, medical forms/waivers (club waiver/medical forms are acceptable), and guest player forms are required at check in.  Remember, no pass/no play/no exceptions for players and coaches.  Referees will also check credentials at the start of each game.  USYS/FIFA travel procedures require that written proof of permission to travel, for each non-Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) affiliated team, must be submitted to the host 15 days in advance of the tournament. In addition, such teams will be required to show proof of insurance upon check-in.



All games will be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the game as modified by USSF and MYSA.


The number of players on the field and length of games are as follows:

            U-9 and U-10              7v7                 two, 25 minute halves

            U-11 and U-12            9v9                 two, 25 minute halves

            U-13 - U15                11v11               two, 35 minute halves


No team will play more than 2 games on a given day unless deemed appropriate or necessary by Tournament Director.  All teams must be prepared to play on Friday, June 12, 2020.  Teams may make a special request, but special requests are NOT guaranteed.  Teams are guaranteed 3 games.  Championship games will be played on Sunday, June 14, 2020.  Game times can be scheduled on Friday between 5pm–8pm, Saturday, 8am–8pm, and Sunday 8am–5pm.  Any team that forfeits one or more games or leaves the tournament early will be reported to their home clubs and MYSA.  Such forfeitures will be considered in determining future Head of the Lakes Tournament acceptances.


A field marshal will monitor each game and will report inappropriate conduct to the tournament director.  Unruly fans may be asked to leave the tournament site.  Similarly, referees will monitor coaches for rude, confrontational and threatening behaviors.  Coach passes may be taken and suspensions may be administered.  Red cards will follow MYSA rules.  Referees will be USSF certified and use the 3 referee system except for U9/U10 which will use 1 center referee.  The referee has the final decision on the safety of players’ equipment or clothing.  A player will be allowed to wear a cast only if, in the opinion of the referee, it is well-padded and will not constitute a risk of injury to the player or others.  Other braces are subject to the same discretion of the referee.  All referee decisions are final.  Protests that are due to circumstances other than a refereeing decision will be resolved by the tournament director before the team’s next game.


If a coach is out of control, a referee may request the coach to leave before a game continues. If a coach is asked to leave a game, the referee will retain the member’s pass and will send it to the MYSA office along with the appropriate game report. The coach will serve an automatic mandatory two-game suspension.  See referee respect addendum.


Club Passes

We will adhere to the new MYSA policy on club passes.



Scores will not be kept for U9/U10 games and no playoffs will be scheduled.  For U11 and older, the following scoring system will be used:


6 points for a win

3 points for a tie

1 point for each goal scored, up to 3

1 point for a shut out, example: 0-0 tie equals 4 points

Maximum points per game is 10

A forfeit in play will result in a score of 3-0 and 10 points.


Tie breakers after pool play:

    •    Head to head winner (except if three or more teams are tied)

    •    Winner of most games

    •    Goal differential-goals scored minus goals allowed with a max of 3 per game

    •    Fewest goals allowed

    •    Most shut-outs

    •    Coin toss


Results of each game will be posted at both venues once confirmation has been made with the on-site field marshal, referee assignor, and tournament director or such elected official.  Notification of advancement into second round play will be made available in person at each location and on the tournament website.


First and third place games that end in regulation in a tie will be decided by two, 5-minute overtime periods.  If still tied after completion of both 5-minute overtime periods, under FIFA rules, penalty kicks will determine the winner.  The teams will alternate, each taking 5 penalty kicks.  If still tied after completion of the 5 penalty kicks, the teams will alternate taking additional penalty kicks until there is a winner (sudden death).  Any rostered player is eligible to take the penalty kicks.


Concussion Policy

This tournament, held by the Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club and sanctioned by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, requires compliance with Minnesota Statue 121A.37 in accordance with the Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club and MYSA Concussion Policies. All participating coaches and referees are required to take concussion training.  The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a free, online course entitled Concussion Training for Coaches (and referees), accessible by the following link: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html


Copies of the Minnesota statute and MYSA policies are available at: http://www.mnyouthsoccer.org/programs/concussions.cfm.”


Adverse Weather/Other Emergencies/Miscellaneous

The Head of the Lakes Tournament will abide by guidelines set by MYSA. If adverse weather affects playing conditions, the tournament committee reserves the right to shorten, reschedule, or cancel games without penalty, financial or otherwise.  If the entire tournament is cancelled 24 hours or more  prior to the first scheduled match, the tournament committee will refund the registration fee, less an administration fee of $100.00 for U9-U10 teams and $100.00 for U11-U15 teams.  Should games be cancelled after the start of the tournament, no refunds will be issued.


Referees or field marshals, in consultation with the tournament director may suspend play for lightning.   If games are stopped due to inclement weather and cannot be restarted, score at stoppage will be the final score.  Games that cannot start because of weather will be scored a 0-0 tie.


Emergency first aid will be available at the tournament site, but coaches and managers should provide water and ice for their teams.


The Head of the Lakes Tournament is a tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free event. Please be advised that these rules will be enforced to help foster good sportsmanship and participation by all.


Dogs are not allowed at any of the field locations utilized for the Head of the Lakes Invitational.  Please make alternate arrangements for your pets.  Participant cooperation is greatly appreciated.



Awards will be given to the top finishers in each classification for U11 and older and will be presented immediately following the championship game at the field where the game was played.


Participation awards will be given to all U9/U10 players and will be presented immediately following the last game.


Good luck and good sportsmanship!



Tournament Director

Sandy Kolasinski




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