Hello everyone and Welcome to the 2020 MASC Tournament!!
Here are Online Registration Requirements:
This year we have a brand new system, and are still working out some details. 
As far as registration documents go, there are 2 options to get them to us.  You can either use the SincSport online upload system** or by emailing to the tournament itself, for the latter options here are the instructions:
if you are a member of Ohio South or Ohio North,  The required documents can be email to us at:  registrarmasc@gmail.com.  We MUST RECEIVED THESE DOCUMENTS BY APRIL 1ST or your registration may be cancelled. Unless suitable arrangements are made with tournament officials prior to April 1st.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
**there is a fee for their services, but it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  
REQUIRED REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS for Ohio South or Ohio North Youth Soccer Club members:
1.  Cards & roster for verification
2.  Guest cards and guest player roster. These forms can be filled out on the Ohio South website at: https://www.osysa.com/cups/eforms/
3.  Tournament Liability Waiver (see below)
4.  Covid Liability Waiver
Once these forms are filled out, they will be emailed back to you from Ohio South and you can just email those in to us at the email listed above.
REQUIRED REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS for any other soccer club EXCEPT Ohio South Youth Soccer Club or Ohio North.:
1.  Cards & roster for verification
2.  Guest player cards & guest player roster.  These forms can usually be obtained from your league or state agency.
3.  Travel permit 
4.  Tournament Liability Waiver (see below)
5.  Covid Liability Waiver
We will have tournament officials available on Friday evening of each weekend if there are any questions. If we are missing any documents, we will be reaching out to you via email.   


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