• Arlington Soccer Association Fall 2017
      Welcome to the Arlington Soccer Association Schedule and Field information site.
    • Schedules / Directions / Score Reporting

      Fall 2017 Schedules

      The fall 2017 schedules for 1st grade through High School are available on Saturday, September 2 and Kindergarten on Saturday, September 9.  To view, click on the "Schedules" button above and then click on the grade and gender for which you are looking. 

      Field Directions

      If directions to a practice or game field are needed, click on the "Fields" button above and scroll to the field needed.  Click on the "MAP" for the Google Maps application or the "D" for directions.

      Field Directions may also be obtained when looking at a particular division.  Click on the "MAP" for the Google Maps application or the "D" for directions located next to your team name.

      Individual Team Schedule

      While looking at a particular division, you may also click on one team to see only that team’s game dates and times (as opposed to the whole division) by clicking on the team's name at the top of the schedule where the individual teams are listed. 

      Kindergarten and 1st Grade Scoring
      Scores are not kept for these two age groups.

      2nd Grade through 12th Grade Score Reporting

      Both teams report scores for all games. Games scores not reported within two weeks from the completion of the game will be entered as 0-0 and neither team will receive points for the game.

      2nd Grade scores should be reported but will not be shown in the standings.  These scores are kept to aid in putting together the 2nd grade spring divisions so it is very important to report all scores.
    • How to post scores

      To post the scores on the website, please follow these steps below:

      1. Click LOGIN at the top right to login with your GNS userid and password
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