• Big Easy - Boys Weekend

      We are pleased to invite you and your club to submit an application to participate in The Big Easy Premier Tournament.


      Louisiana Fire Juniors is dedicated to providing the highest level of competition in a fun filled atmosphere.  Sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play have become trademarks of our tournaments.   We are one of the largest and well respected clubs in Louisiana with a long and proud history of bringing quality soccer to the Greater New Orleans community.  We are also focused on player development and we offer this tournament as a means to present competition and talent for premier teams across the southeast.

      Tournament play is an integral part of Louisiana Fire Juniors soccer, it allows teams the opportunity to play several games in a short period of time.  This opportunity for frequent repetitions of skills and tactics can be the key to improvement for players and teams.  Tournament play also helps to teach a team how to play and win in a pressure situation.  In addition, it gives each player the opportunity to travel, and to meet soccer players from other places.  It also gives the coaching staff an opportunity to learn from other programs and to measure the progress of the Club's teaching efforts.

      Please know we offer incentives for last year's National Champions, Regional Competitors & State champions. Please check out the Big Easy Price Incentive Flyer for more details.

      For additional information, questions, or to have an application faxed to you, please call our office at 504-465-8224 or email ddehoog@louisianafirejrs.com.

      For tournament scheduling or bracket questions please email jdormady@louisianafirejrs.com.

      We look forward to you participating in the spring.

      Three guest players are allowed. 

      Competitive Divisions
      Divisions will be comprised of the following whenever possible based on the Soccer in College National Rankings:

      • Gold
      • Silver

      Divisions will be further subdivided if the number of entries warrant. The tournament committee reserves the right to combine age divisions if a smaller number of applicants is received for a particular age group. All affected teams will be contacted prior to the combination of age groups. If a team chooses to withdraw as a result of a combined age group decision, their tournament fee will be promptly refunded.

    • Registration
      U9s & U10s Jamboree - $300.00
      U10 US Club Competition Fee - $425
      U11s & U12s - $525.00
      U13s - U19s $575.00

      U9s & U10s will play 7v7 (Jamboree Format)

      U11s & U12s will play 9v9



      (D1 State Cup)*

      National Champions - FREE
      Regional Champions - FREE

      National Finalist - $250

      National Semi-finalist - $250

      National Quarter Finalist - $250

      Regional Finalist - $250

      Regional Semi-finalist - $250

      Regional Quarter Finalist - $250

      State Champions - $250


      *Click Here for Flyer

    • Hotels


      All tournament hotels are listed under the hotel link at the top of the page.  Please be sure to use the code to receive the tournament discount.

    • College Coaches
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