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      • Sharp Shooter Event at Quest Fest...Click or Go Under Documents for Details

        Sharp Shooter Event (9:30 am - 6 pm Saturday ) *May end a little earlier or stay open longer based on participation   The Sharp Shooter Event will test your accuracy, focus, and composure, against many players at the tournament.  This is an event, that any player, sibling, or parent can participate in. You could be known as The Sharp Shooter of Quest Fest 2021!   Cost to participate: $5. Pay at check-in booth/tent onsite during event. May compete multiple times but must pay for each attempt.   RULES:   Players will shoot 15 soccer balls and 1 Golden Ball into an All-American SKLZ net. Distance will vary depending on age. The SKLZ net goes over the soccer goal, with only the corners of the goal open. The player will have 15 soccer balls lined up at a specific distance, and a Golden Ball will be at a farther, more challenging distance. The points system is as follows: top corners are 10 points, the bottom corners are 5 points, and the Golden Ball is worth double the amount of points depending on the corner you place it in. All shots, including the Golden Ball, must be taken within the specified time.   In the case of a tie, it will come down to time first. If the tie isn’t broken by time, there will be a one ball shootout.   Award for Sharp Shooter: 2011-2013, 2009-2010, 2007-2008, 03-06, Adults   Groups/Distances/Times: 2011-2013: 12 yards, 1 min - size 4 soccer ball 2009-2010: 15 yards, 1 min - size 4 soccer ball 2003-2008: 18 yards, 1 min - size 5 soccer ball Adults (2002+):  20 yards, 1min - size 5 soccer ball
      • CPS Soccer Academy to be at Quest Fest for Skills Sessions

         CPS will be providing skill sessions for all players to experience what they are about.  Times will be posted closer to the event.
    • MTFC Questfest



      (Regsiter Now Pay Later, Due to Current Pandemic)

      The Middle Tennessee Futbol Club officially invites you to MTFC Quest Fest 2021! Come join us for some great soccer April 9 - 11, 2021 in Goodlettsville, TN.  Our tournament will feature Boys U9 - U14 and Girls U9 -U18 teams, as we are dedicated to providing all levels of competition in a fun filled atmosphere.  We are willing to Host State League Games at our Tournament for NO EXTRA COST!!!

      Applications are available online so register today by clicking the "Apply" button above. Once you complete your registration, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received. When we reach our deadline for registrations, we will notify the accepted teams.

      Thank you again for visiting the QuestFest tournament website and we hope to see you this year in Goodlettsville, TN.

      Why Quest Fest?

      ALL games are located at one venue

      Hosting TN State League Games

      NOT a stay and play with a 3 Game minimum

      Priority scheduling for coaches with multiple teams

      Nashville within a 20 minute drive

    • Check-in
      We are offering ONLINE CHECK-IN ONLY. The $20 fee is non-refundable.
    • Tournament Info

      All fields located at

      Moss Wright Park
      Goodlettsville, TN 37072

      Age Groups:

      Boys U9 - U14
      Girls U9 - U18


      U9-U10 $450 (7 v 7)
      U11-U12 $500 (9 v 9)
      U13 - U18 $550 (11 v 11)
      Parking (per team):
      7v7 Teams $110
      9v9 Teams $130
      11v11 Teams $150

      Registration Deadline 3/28/2021

      Sign up for messaging to keep up with news and of course we'll be posting the scores online ASAP and will show the standings and tie-breakers as the tournament progresses.

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