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      StreamSports Video Solutions – One of the Best Tools for Player Development and Recruitment
      StreamSports will be offering its Game Film and Highlight Reel services to capture your games in High Definition at the 2018

      Oak City Friendlies. StreamSports films from Skypods, reaching a height of up to 25 feet, providing the perfect viewing angle for coaches, player and parents.  StreamSports staff and employees come from sports backgrounds and all camera operators are trained specifically to film soccer. In addition to Game Film, StreamSports has recently released QuickClips– complementary clipping tool software integrated onto StreamSports. Click here to see all StreamSports Tournament packages. Game Film Packages must be pre-booked.
      BOOK BEFORE JANUARY 17TH TO RECEIVE A FREE SEASONAL GAME when you book a team 3-game tournament package. Please call for this offer. As low as $9 per player per game when divided amongst the team.
      Bookings are limited, please order online, call 855-839-3676 or email info@streamsports.com. Pre-bookings only!
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