• AUGUST 21 / 22, 2021
      The Oxford Preseason Invitational (OPI) is a 2 game preseason friendlies event at the incredible mTrade Park in Oxford, MS!   Teams will play 2 games in 1 day.  Meaning a team will play Saturday or Sunday but not both.  This is to allow teams from out of town to make a quick trip down, spend the day getting games and possibly a team bonding meal together and then head back.  It's the perfect ramp up of intensity at the end of preseason right before teams kick off the season.  
      U9 - 2013 Boys & Girls
      U10 - 2012 Boys & Girls
      U11 - 2011 Boys & Girls
      U12 - 2010 Boys & Girls
      U13 - 2009 Boys & Girls
      U14 - 2008 Boys & Girls
      U15 - 2007 Boys & Girls
      U16 - 2006 Boys & Girls
      7v7 - U9 & U10 
      9v9 - U11 & U12
      11v11 - U13-U16
      *teams can play up a format (ex if a U12 team is playing 11v11 in Fall and wants to play in U13 11v11)
      7v7 - 2x25
      9v9 - 2x30
      11v11 2x30 (U13)
      11v11 2x35 (U14 - U16)
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    • OPEN TO
      U9-16 Girls & Boys
      7v7   -  $225
      9v9   -  $250
      11v11 - $250
      AUGUST 13, 2021
      Evan Hacker
    • mTrade PARK
      328 Old Sardis Rd, Oxford, MS 38655
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