• General Information
      PSL is a Club-driven league and it's run by the PSL Directors of all member clubs. 
      Clubs have to apply for PSL before our AGM (which takes place in June).
      Clubs must be accepted into PSL before teams can register.
      For accepted clubs, registration is now open.  Registration for PSL is $200 per team.
      The league dates for the Fall 2019 schedule are:
      • U13U and above will have self-scheduling (Aug. 17th – April 12th)
      • U9-U12 will have Play Dates:
        • October 12-13 (at Gulfport – hosted by SMSC, and at Broussard - hosted by Dynamo)
        • November 9-10 (at Hammond – hosted by STYSA, and at Slidell – hosted by SYSC)
      Spring 2020 Play Dates for U10-U12 teams will be:
      • January 18-19, 2020 (at Gonzales - hosted by ASFC)
      • April 18-19, 2020 (at Gulfport - hosted by SMSC, at Hammond - hosted by STYSA, and at Broussard - hosted by Dynamo)
      End-of-Year Event will be on May 2-3, 2020 (at Slidell - hosted by SYSC)(more information to be provided later)

      All divisions U13-up:

      All games must be completed by April 12th.


      US CLUB REGIONAL QUALIFIER > 50% fee covered by the PSL League for Division winner.

      Reschedules must be done and approved 14 days before the match. Forfeit for NO SHOW plus $100. Reschedule requests made after the 14 day grace period (2 Mondays before the match is due to take place) will result in a $50 fine.

    • Ref Fees and Game Lengths
      Referee Fees
      • MUST BE PAID IN CASH. Refs need to be paid before the game.
      • Teams will pay the referees as follows at the field:
        • U10s           $25             or $12.50 per team
        • U11/12s      $30/20/20   or $35 per team
        • U13             $35/25/25   or $42.50 per team
        • U15/16        $40/30/30   or $50 per team
        • U17/18/19   $50/40/40   or $65 per team
      • Game lengths
        • U10- 2 - 25min halves
        • U11- 2 - 30min halves
        • U12- 2 - 30min halves
        • U13/14- 2 - 35min halves 
        • U15/16 – 2 – 40min halves
        • U17 and up – 2 – 45min halves
    • Information
      For Schedule Changes and Questions - Please communicate with your Club first and then communicate with the PSL Scheduler by sending an email to:
    • Payments
      Remit Payment to;
      Payable to: PSL
      Address:  Premier Soccer League
                       221 Suite C2 Southpark Road
                       Lafayette, LA. 70508
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