• Welcome Sterling Soccer Club Referees

                                                        ****  Saturday 5/17/2019 6pm Update  ****

      • Games are available now for self assignment for Week 6 (May 5/17&18)
      • There are no games over Memorial Day weekend for Sterling Soccer 
      • Games for Week 7 (Regular season games on 6/1 and SFL makeup games on 6/2) will be open for self assignment on 5/18 and 5/19 respectivelhy 
      • Please let me know if you are interested in getting assigned for SFL tournament games the weekend of 6/8 and 6/9, our last official weekend of Spring 2019 games
      • >>>> Certified Referees working SFL level games (U11 and above) MUST print a new copy of the Spring 2019 SFL Guide to Officials document and keep it for reference when refereeing SFL level games.   This document can be found on our club website
        • Substitution Rules
        • Mercy Rule
        • Play Down Rule
      • ALSO be aware the Local Laws of Competition for Sterling Soccer U9/U10 level matches as follows:
        • 3-Ref crew is used (Center and 2 Assistant Refs)

        • 7v7 with goalkeepers

        • (2) 25 minutes halves w/substitutions during any stoppage with permission of referee

        • No Heading (whistle and give IFK to opposing team where it occurs)

        • No Direct Kicks, therefore no Penalty Kicks (for fouls inside Penalty/Goal Areas, IFK on Penalty Area line

        • Offside – yes, but only between Build-Out line and Goal Line

        • ‘Build Out Lines’ information (the lines are halfway between Goal Line and Center line)

          1. When keeper takes possession, opposing team retreats to build-out lines, keeper can wait

          2. Keeper must roll, throw, or pass the ball (if ball is punted, give IFK to opposing team on penalty area line)

          3. For goal kicks, opposing team must retreat beyond build-out lines, kicker can wait

          • PROTECT THE GOALKEEPERS – they are first timers!  Whistle early, avoid player/keeper collisions at all cost!!
          • DO NOT USE Yellow or Red cards on players, use verbal warnings only

      For any questions, feel free to contact either one of us:

      Dave Taylor - Referee Assignor (referee@sysa.net)     Cell:  703-727-5390

      Tara Koehler - Club Administrator (administrator@sysa.net)


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