• Hotel Information

      Virginia United has teamed up with 365 Sports Travel to offer discounted hotel accommodations in Roanoke over the weekend of August 16-18, 2024.
      This is a STAY-TO-PLAY EVENT: 
      Any questions please contact Kristen | execute@365sportstravel.com.
      Benefits of using 365 Sports Travel:
      • No contracts to sign
      • Guarantee the lowest rates
      • Reservation links are ready to send to families for ease of booking
      • Team Managers/Travel Coordinators will be able to monitor their team's reservations
      All teams traveling 75 miles or more MUST use our hotel partner, 365 Sports Travel for hotel accommodations.
      This means all participants (players, coaches, and team officials) who are traveling from out of town will agree to stay in the designated host hotels, which offer excellent accommodations and discounted rates. Team managers, coaches, etc. are responsible for making sure their team complies with the policy.
      August 2nd  | Must have all rooms reserved inside the Virginia United Fall Classic blocks or rates are subject to jump 33-40%.  
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