STARS FC Grab 2nd Championship
2012-13 Space City FA Cup Winners!
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Player Cards and Registration
Men's division players must register no later than Friday 5:00PM before their match on Sunday.  After registering and verification of payment is made, a player pass will be issued to the team manager to print and take to the Sunday match.  An id card will be provided the following week. 

CoEd Player's must register the Thursday before their match no later than 5:00PM.  The same rules as above will apply.


The SCFA is instituting a new referral program for current teams in the SCFA.  If you currently have a team in the SCFA and are able to bring a NEW team into the league to register in one of the divisions we will credit you $50.00 towards your team fees.

Registration Information

Interested in registering a team?  SCFA makes it simple and easy to place your team in the appropriate division.  For information check back to the website regularly or check us out on Facebook as well.  We will be holding regular meetings at the SCFC Office located in League City.  We are open M/T/Th from 12-5 or by appointment.  2750 W. Main, Suite B, League City, 77573

Please remember that your team must be registered first before your player's can register for their player cards.


US Club Soccer
At Space City Football Association, we strive to ensure every player's safety.  In doing that, we have teamed up with U.S. Club Soccer to make sure you are covered while taking part in a competitive match.  A player's safety should not be taken lightly.  Insurance is not mandatory but is offered at a price of $30.00 a year.  Your id card is not a confirmation of coverage, they are two seperate fee's.
The SCFA would like to welcome two new teams to the Men's Championship Division.  Pudendal Rough Riders and the Benchmark Strikers.  These teams are not playing for the points in the current season but have offered to come in and provide further growth to the division along with more competition.  Lets make their stay an enjoyable one and get them in the mix for the full season starting in the fall.

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Disciplinary Enforcement
To all SCFA Managers and Coaches,

Last season we enforced the rule covering the use of foul language towards officials and players during a match.  Last weekend we experienced one of the worst examples of the use of foul language during an SCFA match.  The situation has been escalated due to the fact the representatives from our affiliate club, Space City Futbol Club were present during this display.

Regardless of the fact that we submit team fees to cover field, light usage, mowing, lining, seeding, fertilizing we are still the guests of the managing groups of these facilities.  We all understand that in the heat of competition that words can slip out, however we are all expected to be good representatives of the FA and the explosive display of foul language in front of parents and young player's will not be tolerated.

The SCFA will from here forward authorize officials to abandon a match if language is escalated to the point to be deemed out of control and disrespectful and a poor representation of the SCFA.  The score of the match when abandoned will be recorded as the final score for the match and no fee's will be refunded.  Player's and fans involved will be investigated and fines as well as suspensions and point deductions will also be implemented as punishment.

Teams are responsible for their fans behavior and will be held accountable.  This is a serious matter and we ask that everyone informs their teams of the situation.

Respectfully yours,

Andrew Abbey
Space City Football Association - An Affiliate of SCFC

2012-13 Men's Soccer Season Registration OPEN!

The 2012-13 Men's Championship Season is appraoching fast.  Registration is now until August and 7.  Please get your registration fee's paid in a timely manner and make sure you get your player's re-registered by filling out the player form.  We will be adding player's email to team rosters if they are not already added so that updates can reach them in regards to field, time or venue changes.  Games will be set to start at the end of August.  Until then, have a great summer!

CoEd and Men's Season
The Men's Season and Elite C CoEd season is right around the corner and teams are encouraged to get their player's registered.  The first matches will begin at the end of August.  All player's will have id's and optional insurance will be available if player's require coverage during their seasons.  Insurance is not mandatory and player's signing the waiver acknowledge they are playing at their own risk.  Insurance will be available through US Club Soccer.
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