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July 18th - July 19th, 2015
Registration Deadline - July 1st 2015 
Unfortunately we have had to cancel the 2015 Beach Soccer Classic, we will be back in 2016
The Challenger Tournament Series host 19 Tournaments throughout the USA.  
With over 10,000 teams and 10,000 spectators nationwide we know what it takes to run a successful event. Great facilites, Professional Full Time Tournament Staff, an Attention to Detail and most importantly a Fun yet Compeititve weekend of soccer.

Challenger Sports are proud to have partnered with Clayton County to produce a one day one off soccer event in Georgia.  If you enjoyed the 2014 World Cup then what better than grabbing your friends together and replicating the game made famous on the beaches of Brazil!
For one week we are going to transform the 1996 Olympic Games Beach Volleyball Courts into GA very own Beach Soccer Complex!  Players will compete in the Beach Soccer Tournament while family members can make it a family day out with the beach, water park and other festivities while music is played throughout the Soccer Complex.
Register today to make this a summer day to remember!

Beach Soccer At A Glance
  • 5v5 (4 outfield plus 1 Goalkeeper)
  • Each game is 3 x 10 minute periods
  • Unlimited Substititions on the fly (no stoppages)
  • All free kicks are direct with no walls permitted.  Fouled player takes the free kick
  • Throws taken with hands or feet
  • No offsides

Why Play Beach Soccer?

Agility, stamina, finesse, high speed, and excitement – these attributes very fittingly describe the dynamic sport of beach soccer. Played on the beach or in the sand, the game encourages a high level of fitness that comes from running continuously on a surface that is less stable than turf. It also brings about better conditioning in the players' legs and glutes than would be experienced on a traditional pitch. Given the softer, more forgiving nature of clean sand, many players are more inclined to attempt the "glory shots" rarely seen in the grass game. These include scissor kicks, flying headers, and bicycle kicks for example. 

The game is immensely fast-paced and is played on a more compact pitch, this allows players to shoot from virtually anywhere keeping the goalie on his/her toes at all times. A shot attempt is made once every 30 seconds with a goal scored on average of once every 3-4 minutes – an average game has 11 goals scored. The movement and passing of the ball is vastly different from regular soccer as well. The sand can be unpredictable for level passing so most players choose to set and pass the ball in the air. Expect to see lots of chest traps, shoulder pops, headers, and quick flick passes in a game of beach soccer.

Each team consists of four players and a goalkeeper with no off-sides. Unlimited substitutions allow for fresh legs at all times and keeps the game moving fluidly throughout all three 10-minute periods. Beach soccer is indeed quite different in play and strategy than traditional soccer and offers the opportunity to develop unique skills away from the grass game. It is no wonder that top-flight professional teams the world over have begun to utilize sand pitches at their facilities for this very reason: playing beach soccer makes a better soccer player.




Online Check-In

Online Check-in is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in eliminates the need for your team to show up in person before your first game by allowing you to complete the check-in process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are required.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee.

You must scan documents or take digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

Begin Online Check-in


Tournament Venue:

2300 Hwy 138 SE
Jonesboro GA 30236

U10 $295
U12 $295
U14 $295
U16 $295
U18 $295
Adult CoEd $325

July 10 2014

Contact Tournament Director: