Enhanced Tournament Services

National Soccer Events has partnered with Soccer In College to enhance the services offered to participants of the tournaments.


Teams entering a National Soccer Events tournament will be grouped according to past playing records to make the most competitive divisions possible.

National Soccer Events determines final placement based on many factors when ranking teams including: league playing division and record, State Cup and tournament results, ranking services, etc. NSE has chosen the Soccer In College National Ranking system for our tournament ranking service.

Please check your team ranking at USARank.com.

What can NSE do for you?

Are you looking for someone to run your club's tournaments? If so, we might be the company for you. We do it all and eliminate the hassle for you and your organization. Click "Programs" to find the program that will help maximize your club's tournament experience. 



We work hard to provide a great soccer experience. We often have Gold, Silver, and Bronze Divisions so teams can play at the appropriate competitive level. Click on the "Tournament" tab to see which of our tournaments best suits your team's needs. 

Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you on the pitch!



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