Enhanced Tournament Services

The 3v3/5v5 Soccer Ole'  has partnered with Soccer In College to enhance the services offered to participants of the tournament.


Teams entering the 3v3/5v5 Soccer Ole'  will be grouped according to age and skill level to make the most appropriate competitive divisions possible.


Tournament Date: Feb 27th, 2021  from 11-am - 6 pm (many age groups will be finished earlier, based on the number of teams in the division)

The fees are as follows (register early... get in cheap!):

FOR U6 - U12 (3v3 - max 6 on roster)

$165 paid by Feb 7th.

$175 paid by Feb 14th.

$185 paid by Feb 21st. 

$195 after Feb 21st.


FOR the U13/U14 and High School brackets (5v5 - max 9 on roster)

$195 paid by Feb 7th

$205 paid by Feb 14th

$215 paid by Feb 21st

$225 paid after Feb 21st

Registration deadline: Tuesday, Feb 23rd 2021.

Medals to finalists and champions in all divisions!
Boys and Girls: U6-HS
Age Groups According to Year of Birth (Boys & Girls)
  • U6 -2015
  • U7 -2014
  • U8 -2013
  • U9 -2012
  • U10 -2011
  • U11- 2010
  • U12- 2009
  • U13/U14- 2007/2008
  • High School- 2006-2003
  • Adult - 2002 and older
How to declare your team’s competitiveness for a 3v3 tournament:
Recreational - Most all of our players are straight out of rec.  We need the easiest classification for our age group.  We are willing to play down one age group or accept B bracketing in our own age group.
Semi-competitive - We have a mix of players (comp/rec) or are just turning competitive.  We hope to compete in our age bracket.  We will accept A or B bracketing, but feel we will be most competitive in the B bracket of our age group.
Competitive – We are team made of most or all competitive players. We should play A bracket for our age group.  Our expectation is to be competitive and compete for medals.
Very Competitive – Our expectation is to be in the finals in our age group.  Playing up one year is not a problem for us if need be.
We need your co-operation in doing the best you can to declare your team’s ability to compete.  Our goal is to keep all brackets competitive.

Welcome to the 3v3/5v5 Soccer Ole' Tournament Website

We are pleased to invite your team to apply to the 3v3/5v5 Soccer Ole' Tournament! Come join us for some great soccer! 

This tournament is a great opportunity for your players to enhance their soccer skills by getting lots of touches on a ball in a small-sided game format. Players must use their creativity to find spaces on the field in order to attack and defend successfully! Bring what you have and show us what you can do!

Location: mTrade Park

328 HWY 314 |  Oxford, MS 38655 

IMPORTANT!  The mTrade Park address posted on their website does NOT work with Google Maps, as well as most navigation devices!  Use the GPS points or the old address below instead:


GPS Points: 34.400897, -89.578925

328 Old Sardis Road, Oxford, MS 38655

Registration: Click here!

Once you complete your registration, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received.

Thanks again for visiting our tournament website and we hope to see you this year!


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