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8 Minute Halves
General Rules and Policies
NO CHEATING   We will strive to ensure fairness throughout all of our competitions and that includes the cooperation of the players. If anyone is caught cheating during a tournament then we will remove you from the community. This will not be tolerated.
Examples include the following:
Receiving information from a Twitch viewer mid match.  
Users outside the Snap eGaming community are NOT allowed to participate in events. This includes allowing someone to play on your Xbox or PlayStation account. 
 Intentionally altering game settings to gain a competitive advantage.
COMMUNITY CONDUCT  We strongly encourage a community where everyone feels welcome and respects one another. Any conduct otherwise could result in your removal from the community.
Examples include the following:
No vulgar or offensive language shall be used inside the community platform, in-game party chat, or console messaging. 
Committing to an event and no-showing for your scheduled match could result in removal from the community. Any tournament you wish to pull out of requires a notice 24 hours before the tournament's scheduled start time. 
If after 20 minutes from the scheduled kick off time you have not shown up for your match then you will be disqualified. 
DETERMINING (DISPUTED) MATCH RESULTS  We task everyone with upholding a high standard of honesty which will ensure accurate match results. 
 At the end of each match you should email a picture of your game result to
If a game loses connection mid match the game should be restarted. The score of the match before it lost connection will carry over. The restarted match will consist of one half. If the match is tied after the half then continue into the second half with Golden Goal rules. 
Team A is beating Team B 2-1 and the game disconnects. We restart the match 2-1 and play one half. If Team B ties it 2-2 and the match goes into halftime (which would look like 1-0) then we enter into the second half under the Golden Goal rule.
Golden Goal – The first team to score during the Golden Goal period wins the match.
The connectivity rule (2) applies to most game situations. This can be to the discretion of the match participants with permission from an administrator.
If the full match results in a tie, restart the match and play again. The second match will be determined by Golden Goal rules. 
Tie break rule (3) applies only to tournaments that require a winner to advance. Every event will clearly state the format in which matches will be decided.
Twitch streaming is encouraged.
Snap eGaming reserves the right to make any judgment call in regards to cheating, community conduct, and/or determining disputed match results in order to uphold the integrity of the tournament.


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