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Tournament Covid-19 Protocols

ABYSA/HFC/Riverside Spring Kickoff will comply with the mandates detailed below. 
To:          Member Associations
                CEOs/Executive Directors
                Risk Management Liaisons
                Head Registrars
                Directors of Coaching
                Recreation, Challenge, Classic Liaisons
  1. As stated by Dr. Mandy Cohen in a speech yesterday, specifically addressing youth soccer, she stated face coverings are required  for play and training.   Unlike prior stages of this pandemic, the documents in the link below define mandates, enforcement, and penalties.
        2. There are exceptions for wearing masks, to be carefully considered and not abused.  Face coverings are not required for a person who:
  • has a medical condition
  • has a behavioral condition
  • has a disability
  • is actively eating or drinking
  • has trouble breathing
       3.  Before a match, referees will request any exceptions from the coach (verbally) and will not challenge them.  Reasons or medical information will not be exchanged or maintained.  During the match, a player with difficulties should be allowed to isolate from the other participants while still on the field, remove the mask to recover, and replace it when ready to rejoin the game.  The player may also be permitted to leave the field as if injured and return when recovered with permission of the referee or be substituted. See more detail sent to referees at the link below.
NCSRA Referees were sent the following information on exceptions:
Referees were sent the following information on November 30 when the Governor mandated masks be worn:
         4.  Information on mask types may be found on CDC or other links:
          5.  Coaches, spectators and referees are also required to wear masks at all times.
NCYSA has queried Vermont, who has used this policy for three months, and college players who have played in masks.  No one loves it, but they have adapted.  Our goal is to keep our kids competing.   
Stay safe!
NCYSA Executive Board


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