2019 NCS Fusion Showcase Rules

2019 Fusion Showcase Tournament Format

The Fusion Boys Showcase is a showcase for the players, where each team will play 3 matches. Match results will be recorded, points will be given (Win = 3, Tie = 1) and no champion will be declared.

Tournament Rules

Rules FAQs – Quick Summary(teams should read all rules in their entirety)


  • Players can only play for ONE team during this tournament. Any player found to be rostered on more than one team during this tournament will result in BOTH teams forfeiting all games and being eliminated from the tournament. Refunds will not be given.
  • Max Roster size is 22 for 13U-19U. However, only 18 players can participate in each game. The additional players can sit on the bench but cannot be in uniform.
  • Guest Players – Unlimited number of guest players are allowed for this tournament, but you cannot exceed your MAX Roster size for your age group.
  • Player passes must be LAMINATED. No Exceptions.
  • MINIMUM AGE – Players with a birthdate of 2008 or younger are NOT eligible to participate in this tournament.
  • ALL USYSA – State Association Teams from outside of North Carolina must have a Permission to Travel Form!
    • You must have a Permission to Travel Form! You obtain this from VYSA.
    • You must have a Guest Player Form for any VYSA guest players. You obtain this from VYSA or your Club’s Head Registrar. Players handwritten in on your roster will not be accepted.
  • Pets are not allowed at any venue.
  • All Teams must check-in to the tournament by the deadlines set on the website.
    • Online check-in: Documents must be uploaded by 3pm on Tuesday – March 20, 2017.
    • In Person Check-in: Date, time & location TBD

Laws of the Game

All matches will be played in accordance with FIFA, USYS, & NCYSA laws, except where specifically modified by tournament rules.

Match Format

Age Group

   # of Players

   Ball Size* 

    Length of Halves

13U – 19U





*Match balls are to be provided by the designated home team

Eligibility/Required Documents/ Roster Sizes

USYSA/ State Association Teams - Teams and players must be registered with their respective state association. Official USYSA Match rosters, laminated player passes and medical releases forms for the 2018/2019 season must be presented at registration (all players including guest players must have laminated player passes and medical release forms to participate in the tournament). Rosters must be original or state approved copies with the original official stamp or embossed certification on the roster. Out-of-state teams must provide their Notification to Travel form approved by their state association.

US Club Soccer teams - Teams and players must be registered with US Club Soccer. Official US Club Soccer Match rosters, laminated player passes and medical releases forms for the 2018/2019 season must be presented at registration (all players including guest players must have laminated player passes and medical release forms to participate in the tournament). Teams will need to present the proper Player Loan Form for any Guest Players from OUTSIDE of your club.

All players on a team must play with the same type passes. There is no combining of US Club and USYSA passes allowed, including guest players.

Players must be born on or after the date indicated by the age group in which they are to compete (see table below).

Age Group

  Max Roster Size

   Max # of Guest Players

13U (2006)

No players born after 2006



14U (2005)



15U (2004)



16U (2003)



17U (2002)



18U (2001)



19U (2000)




A five-minute grace period will be allowed after the scheduled match start time before a forfeit is awarded. In order to start a match; 7 players must be present for 13U – 19U games.


Unlimited substitutions are allowed at any stoppage when approved by a referee.

Note: All substitutes must enter the playing field from the halfway line with permission from the referee and should not enter the playing field until the player they are replacing has reached the touchline.


No protests will be allowed. All judgment decisions of the referees are final and binding. The tournament directors reserve the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament and those decisions are final.

Player Equipment

In general, Law IV of FIFA Law applies. The referee shall be the final authority.


Players receiving a red card or two yellow cards in a game, and coaches that are ejected in a match are automatically banned from their team’s next tournament game. Any coach who is involved with multiple teams and who is ejected from a game must leave the complex until the game involving the ejection is completed. They are not allowed at that team’s next game, but may return to the complex during the suspension time and attend the games of the other teams to which they are rostered or carded. Per FIFA, cards can only be shown to players. Spectators sent off from a match site are banned from all tournament play venues for the remainder of the tournament, unless readmitted by the Tournament Director. Violations deemed of a serious nature may require further disciplinary action such as banning further tournament play. The Tournament Director in consultation with the Referee Coordinator will decide this. All disciplinary measures imposed by the Tournament Director and Referee Coordinator shall be limited to placing restrictions upon an individual’s participation in the tournament. The issuance of all red and yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters will be recorded on the match report (name of player, and his/her jersey number) and also reported to the home state association and the home league except that all matters involving referee assault or abuse shall, in accordance with USSF Policy 531-9, be referred immediately to NCYSA.




Spectator and Coaching Area

Players and coaches shall occupy the same side of the field. The home team (listed first) has the choice of which half of the field to occupy. All players and coaches must remain near the intersection of the touchline and the halfway line on their side of the field. All spectators must occupy the other side of the field opposite their players and coaches.

Players, coaches, and spectators must remain at least two yards behind the touchline. All players, coaches, and spectators must remain between the 18-yard and midfield lines on their side of the field. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of spectators with their team. All players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Dissent will not be tolerated.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the tournament directors reserve the right to make the following changes:

  1. Relocate and/or reschedule any match, or discontinue the tournament.
  2. Reduce the scheduled duration of any match with prior notification before the match is started.
  3. At the discretion of the match referee, discontinue any match in progress. If ½ the match has been played the result at discontinuation will stand. If less than ½ the match has been completed, the match will be rescheduled if possible; however, if time or weather conditions do not permit the match will be considered incomplete and no result will be recorded.
  4. No refunds shall be made to teams if the tournament directors cancel any portion of the tournament.

Every attempt will be made to have all matches played. However, the safety of players, referees, coaches and spectators is the tournament’s primary concern followed by fairness to the affected teams and the completion of the tournament. Therefore, the tournament director’s decisions are final and not subject to appeal.



· All groups are created based on information provided on the application, and with the tournament committee’s knowledge of teams in order to provide balanced competition for all participants.

· The tournament committee reserves the right to combine age groups and/or levels of play where appropriate. In the event that groups are combined all impacted teams will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw from the tournament and receive a full refund.

· Tournament entry fees are not refundable once a team has been notified of its acceptance into the tournament.

· Hotel Requirements: All teams participating in the 2019 Fusion Boys Showcase are required to make housing arrangements through our official travel organization. Any team who refuses to follow this rule will be disqualified from the event and will NOT receive a refund.


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