Tournament Venue:  Myrtle Beach Sports Center, 2115 Farrow St, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Admissions and Parking Fees
$10 Admission for for entire event for persons other than Players, Coaches & Managers shown on roster.
$5 City Parking Fee per day.

Eligible Teams:  USYS State Associations, US Club Soccer and other USSF affiliated organizations.

Team Entry Fees
$400.00 (19U and under)
$495.00 (Adult)

Registration Deadline:  November 25th

Refunds:  All registration and payments must be made online.  Once your entry fee is received, it is non refundable, unless your team is not accepted into the tournament by the tournament director or the tournament is cancelled. In such event you will promptly recevie a full refund of your entry fee.

Number of Games:  3-game mimmum

Accommodations:  All traveling teams with overnight stay  are encouraged to book their accommodations at one of the host hotels listed in the tournament website under the "Hotels" tab..

Match Scheduling.
All local team should be prepared to play Friday evening, Dec 7th.
If you are an out-of-town team willing to play on Friday (games from 6-9 pm start times) contact or 843-458-2558.

10-Player maximum per roster.
Player cards or Digital player cards may be checked prior to each match.
For dual rostered players see Player Eligiblity under Competition Rules.

Guest Players
Unlimited guest players are permitted for all ages.
US Club Soccer teams may only take guest players registered under US Club Soccer.
USYSA teams may only take guest players registered with properly stamped USYSA player pass cards.
Same applies for other USSF member organizations.

Sanctioning Organizations
SCYS/USYS and US Club Soccer (19U teams and under).
US Club Soccer (adult teams)
This is an unrestricted tournament open to all US Soccer member organizations.

Players registered and in good standing with United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA) affiliate organizations (South Carolina Amateur Soccer Association SCASA/USASA, North Carolina Amateur Soccer Association NCASA/USASA).    USASA recognizes this tournament as an unrestricted tournament open to players and teams of other US Soccer member organizations.  This means that USASA player accident and general liability insurance coverage will apply to players registered through its affiliates when competing in this tournament against players/teams of other US Soccer member organization.  Should your USASA affiliated organization tell you otherwise, please have them contact USASA directly.


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