Louisiana Fire Soccer Club

Tournament Rules and Regulations

Updated March 15th, 2021


A. General:

1. The rules of the tournament will follow the Louisiana Soccer Association Policy 310 “Youth State Tournaments” with the exceptions listed here.


3. Spectators will be allowed to watch games only from the sidelines directly across the field from their team.

4. Only coaches with proper credentials will be allowed on the player’s sidelines.

5. No artificial noisemakers are allowed (bells, horns, etc.)

6. Pedestrians have the right of way on all park roads at all times.

7. The speed limit in the park is 20 MPH.

8. All coaches, players and spectators from all teams are expected to pick up all of their trash on the sidelines after their matches.

9. This is an UNRESTRICTED tournament.  All teams and tournament participants must abide by the Louisiana Soccer Association’s and US Youth Soccer’s policies, rules and regulations and are subject to their disciplinary actions. All teams wishing to participate in an ‘unrestricted’ tournament that are not US Youth Soccer members are required to provide proof of liability insurance paperwork indemnifying LSA from harm.



B. Check-in:

1. All teams must complete Online Check-in.


2. The following items mustbe uploaded to complete check-in:

a. Laminated player passes for each player and sideline coach

b. Signed medical releases for each player

c. Current copy of their official roster.

d. Approved travel permit if the team is from out of state.

3. Each team must be available to present itself to the game referees 10 (10) minutes prior to their match for instructions. Coaches are required to have the player passes available for review by the referees at all times during the match. Failure to do so is subject to possible forfeiture to be determined by the Tournament Committee.


C. Guest Players:

Guest players are allowed up to the maximum as specified on the Application to Host.



D. Equipment:

1. Proper and safe soccer acceptable footwear is required – cleats with a center front stud are prohibited.

2. Every player must wear shin guards that are of proper size to fully protect the player from injury.

3. #4 Ball size will be used for U12 and below games.

4. #5 Ball size will be used for U13 and above games.


E. Substitutions:

1. Players may be substituted freely at the following stoppages:

a. throw-ins

b. Goal kick

c. After a goal.

d. Injury by any player.

e. Caution - At coach’s discretion.


2. Players entering and leaving the field must do so from mid-field only and only with the referee’s permission.


F. Home Team:

1. The team listed first on the official schedule will be the Home team.

2. Home team will wear their white or light colored uniforms. Away team will wear their dark colored uniforms.

3. It is the responsibility of the Home team for changing to an alternate jersey color in the event of a conflict.

4. The Home team is also responsible for presenting a game ball to the Referee prior to the match.


G. Discipline:

1. A player receiving a second caution in the same game or issued a red card or a coach that is sent off by the referee will be required to leave the playing area.

2. Play will not restart until the player or coach is completely away from the playing area and in the designated area for ejected players and coaches.

3. The referee will confiscate the player/coach pass and will turn it over to the Tournament Officials at the Tournament Headquarters upon completion of the game.

4. Any player or coach sent off from the field will be required to sit out the next scheduled tournament game.

5. The player sitting out the game should report to the Tournament Headquarters for instructions.  After the suspension has been served the player /coach pass must be picked up at the Tournament Headquarters.

6. If the player or coach receives a second send off in the tournament that person will not be allowed to participate in the balance of the tournament.

7. Positive coaching from the team bench area is allowed during matches.

8. Each coach is totally responsible for all actions of his players and spectators. Verbal and/or physical abuse by a team player, coach or a team spectator toward other players, spectators or any referee will not be tolerated. VIOLATIONS OF THIS WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF GAME AND/OR TEAM EXPULSION FROM THE TOURNAMENT.





H. Pre-Game

  1. Warm-ups will not take place in penalty areas on fields. This will be strictly enforced. 

  2. All dynamic warmups and ladder activity will take place off the playing surface. This will be strictly enforced. 

  3. There will be no coin toss. The Away Team shall have the election of side of field or possession of the ball at the beginning of the game.


I. Games:

1. Game lengths are as follows unless posted differently at the Tournament Tent:

a. All U9, U10, U11 & U12 - 25 minute halves

b. All U13 through U19 - 30 minute halves.


2. Each team must present itself to the game referees at mid field 10 (10) minutes prior to their match for instructions.

3. All half-time intermissions will be 5 minutes.

4. All games may be shortened in the event of inclement weather and/or reduced day light in an effort to complete all scheduled games – text and email notifications will be sent to team officials.

5. Any games terminated by inclement weather will be considered completed games.

The Tournament Committee will determine if any rescheduling as appropriate is required due to the inclement weather

          6. All game times will be kept with running time throughout the game, without time added on for stoppages. Only extreme situations of player injuries where emergency medical personnel are admitted onto the field and games are stopped for prolonged periods of time will the game time be amended at the referee's discretion.



J. Bracket Scoring:

1. Bracket scoring will be based on a three point system.

Win = 3 points / Draw = 1 point / Loss = 0 points

2. Forfeits will be scored as a 3 – 0 win for the non-forfeiting team.

3. Any Wild Card and bracket winners from the same bracket will not meet each other in the Semi –final games.

4. Referees and tournament officials will be responsible for collecting results of matches and recording and reporting the results.

5. Coaches or team managers are responsible for reviewing all scores. Match results will be available at the Tournament Headquarters.



K. Tie Breakers:

1. In the event of a points tie at the end of bracket play; winners and runner-up will be determined in the following order:

a. Head to Head bracket game results.

b. Goal differential for bracket games. “Goals for” minus “goals against” with a maximum differential of three (3) per game.

c. Fewest goals allowed in all bracket games, maximum goals are not considered.

d. Most Goals For.

e. Penalty Kicks in accordance to FIFA rules.


2. In the event of a draw in a Semi-final or Final game the following will apply:

a. Semi-final games: Straight to kicks from the mark in accordance to FIFA rules.

b. Championship games: Two full 5-minute overtime periods, no golden-goal rule. If there is still a draw, the game will be determined by kicks from the mark in accordance to FIFA rules.


L. Protests:




M. Tournament Committee:

1. Is responsible for all scheduling decisions, hears all complaints & suggestions, and interprets tournament rules.

2. The Tournament Committee will not overrule a referee’s decision.

3. The Tournament Committee will rule regarding any issues not covered in these rules and their ruling will be final.

4. The Tournament committee is made up of the following members:

a. Tournament Directors

b. Referee Assignor

c. La Fire SC President

d. La Fire SC VP Youth

e. LA Fire SC VP Operations. 


N. Field Marshalls:

Observe games and enforce sideline and decorum rules (i.e. no alcoholic beverages or artificial noisemakers allowed on the field or sidelines) 


O. Important Notes:

1. Louisiana Fire Soccer Club prohibits the drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking near the soccer fields. Coaches please remember that you are responsible for your parent’s behavior.




P. Weather

1. Tournament cancelled prior to start will receive a full refund less $100 for processing and expenses already incurred.

2. Tournament cancelled after the start of games will receive a refund according to the following:

a. Cancelled during Saturday games: teams will receive 50% of the entry fee.

b. Cancelled before the start of Sunday; teams will receive 25% of the entry fee.

                        c. Cancelled during Sunday games; teams will receive NO REFUND.


Q. U10 and U9 7v7 Games

All U10 and U9 games played on 7v7 fields will follow Building out of the back rules:

  1. No Punting or drop-kicking from the goal keeper 

  2. all restarts from the touch-line will be from kick-ins instead of throw-ins

    1. normal throw-in rules apply:

      1. a player cannot be offside from the kick-in restart

      2. the restart is treated as an indirect free kick from the sideline

  3. The orange line painted on the field between the 18 yard box and center circle will serve as the line of confrontation for defending teams when:

    1. the goalkeepers earn possession of the ball with their hands inside the penalty area OR the ball crosses the end-line for a goal kick

    2. All defending players must retreat behind the orange line 

    3. the defending team may pressure the ball past the Line Of Confrontation once

      1. the opposing player has received a pass from the goal kick or roll-out from the goal keepers hands OR

      2. the ball goes past the LOC and into the middle third of the field



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