Covid 19 Precautions

If you are feeling sick or have a fever please stay home. Also if you have been around anyone with Covid within the last 14 days please stay home.
Players should follow the listed precautions:
-  Bring your own water or sports drink
-  Do not share drinks with anyone
-  Stay 6 feet apart on the sidelines
-  No post game handshake, verbally congratulate the opposing team.
-  Place backpacks 6 feet apart on the side lines
-  Maintain 6 feet apart while walking around the complex
-  Players should  wear a mask while in the rwalking around the complex and Masks are Required for the restrooms and concession's building. 
Managers should follow the listed precautions
- Before each game wear a mask while giving the ref the game card
- Before each game only the manager will handle the players cards. The manager will assist the ref to check players in so no one else is handling the player cards.
- After each game the refs will report the scores.
More for teams to know
- Water and Drinks will not be provided this year.
- For all vendors we will have 6 feet marks on the ground
- Awards will be given near the concession stand and we will have 2 tents this year to reduce crowding.
- We have placed more time in between games so teams coming off and on the field can stay clear of each other.
- Mask are recommended for EVERYONE at the complex at all times, but they are REQUIRED while in the building.


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