Head of the Lakes Invitational





The Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club cordially invites you to submit an application for our annual Head of the Lakes Invitational Soccer Tournament.  This year's tournament will be held June 14-16, 2018.  Games will be played at two locations:  Jean Duluth Soccer Complex and the Stebner Soccer Complex.  The City of Duluth has a no pet/animal, no alcohol, tobacco use, and drug free policy at our soccer fields.  Any use of these substances will not be tolerated.  Pets/animals need to remain out of the field complexes.  If there is a conflict with MYSA league games, the league games must be rescheduled.


 Competition will be provided at the following combined brackets:


     U9B   Tournament, Maroon, Gold              U9G Tournament, Maroon, Gold

     U10B Tournament, Maroon, Gold              U10G Tournament, Maroon, Gold

     U11B  C1, C2, C3                                       U11G  C1, C2, C3

     U12B  C1, C2, C3                                       U12G  C1, C2, C3

     U13B  C1, C2, C3                                       U13G  C1, C2, C3

     U14B  C1, C2, C3                                       U14G  C1, C2, C3

     U15B  C1, C2, C3                                       U14G  C1, C2, C3


A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 teams will be accepted into each bracket.


The registration deadline is April 27, 2019.  Entries are limited and on a first come/first served basis.  Confirmation of acceptance will be e-mailed no later than May 11, 2019.  The tournament committee will notify teams that are not accepted by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.  The entry fee is $400.00 for U11 - U15 teams, and $300.00 for U9/U10 teams.  If a refund is requested prior to the registration deadline (4/27/19), there will be a $25 processing fee deducted from your refund.  If a refund is requested between the registration deadline (4/28/19) and the confirmation deadline (5/11/19), there will be a $200 processing fee deducted from your refund.  These processing fees are under the discretion of the Tournament Director.  Any cancellation after May 11,2019, no refunds will be granted.


Register online at http://www.soccerincollege.com/TTIntro.aspx?tid=GITCHI or visit our club website at www.gitchsoccer.com and click on the Head of the Lakes link to the online registration.  Please feel free to contact the tournament director with any questions you may have.






Teams may roster up to 12 players at U9/U10 with a limit of 5 guest players, 16 players at U11 and U12 with a limit of 5 guest players, and 18 players at U13-U15 with a limit of 5 guest players.  Guest players must be from the same club, the same level and division of the registered team, or lower.  An official guest player roster must be submitted at registration.  No player may be on the roster of more than one tournament team.  Rosters are frozen at the time of registration.  MYSA Game report rosters are acceptable for team rosters at registration.



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