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Article Contents

Covid Protocol

GSA is committed to taking the necessary precautions to make our event as safe as possible for our players, coaches, and parents. Please read this information closely and let's all work together to keep everyone safe. GSA has taken into account the guidelines set forth by the CDC in order to make decisions we feel are feasible for our environment. Please understand that even with these precautions in place there is still an inherent risk associated with participation.
GSA Responsibilities 
** GSA staff and volunteers will check their own temperature prior to attending the fields of play. If any member of staff has a fever greater than 100.4 degrees they will be asked to stay home. 
** GSA will have limited amounts of hand sanitizer available for visitors; please bring your own hand sanitizer.  All restrooms will be equipped with soap/water/sinks or a sanitizing station.
** Coaches should place cones/markers down the sideline to encourage players to both place their belongings and social distance before/during games.
**GSA’s Athletic Training Staff will be located throughout the complex.
Coach Responsibilities
**Coaches are asked to stay home if they are not feeling well. 
**Coaches are asked to wear masks at all times while in the complex. 
**Coaches are asked to practice social distancing at all times while in the complex and when interacting with players. 
**Coaches are asked to reinforce to their players not to share water bottles and to enforce social distancing on the sidelines. 
**Coaches are asked to help players avoid huddles, handshakes, and high fives. 
**Coaches are asked to bring their own water and water bottles. 
Player Responsibilities 
**Players are asked to observe social distancing when not in play (6-10ft). 
**Players are asked to keep their belongings on the cones/markers laid out by their coach & to be on these when not in play. 
**Players are asked to wash or sanitize their hands prior to and immediately after each match. As stated above, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the complex during the event. 
**Players are asked to bring their own water and water bottle. 
**Players are asked to avoid huddles, handshakes, and high fives. 
**Players diagnosed with or living with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 should notify their coach and NOT attend the event in any way.
Parent/Spectator Responsibilities 
**Parents are asked to stay home if not feeling well. 
**Per the GSA game-day protocol,  should properly social distance, and practice social distancing before, during and after matches. 
**Parents should not gather in large groups before, during, or after matches. 
**Parents are asked to exit the sidelines quickly after their child’s game is finished so the next parent group can come out. 
**Parents are asked to wait until 15 minutes or less before kickoff to exit your vehicle and proceed to the sidelines to avoid large crowds forming. 
**Parents are asked to monitor their child for fever, cough, and/or loss of taste or smell in the past 72 hours. If any of these symptoms exist they should not attend the event. No fever reducing agents should be used during this time.


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