NCFC Team Manager Info

NCFC Team Check-In
NCFC teams have 2 options in checking in their teams.  NCFC Teams choose one of the two below.
  1.  All NCFC teams playing in the tournament will be provided tournament approved rosters by the NCFC staff/office.  NCFC teams will have to pick up the tournament approved rosters at the NCFC office at 5017 Memory Road BEGINNING January 14th during NCFC business hours.  Please check the NCFC website for our business hours.
  1. Teams may choose to use the online check in option instead of picking up the provided tournament approved rosters.  If a NCFC team chooses the online check in option they will have to pay the $20 non-refundable fee but will not have to pick up tournament approved rosters at the office. 
Please note that NCFC teams cannot participate in the tournament without a tournament approved roster.  You must choose one of the options above.
Friday night or Saturday morning check in is not available for tournament check in.
Any questions regarding team check in for tournament contact us via the links below: 
Any questions regarding roster/guest players for your team contact your NCFC area administrator.


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