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It was incredible to be able to play against so many teams that fought hard and tried their best.  Not only did this trek over the summer bring our team more knowledge about the game of soccer, but it also enlightened us on a cultural level.  I was glad I got to participate in such an amazing journey.  Over all the experience was the highlight of my summer, it helped me become a better player, as well as bring our team closer together.
Addison B. SAF - U14 Boys

Overall, my Presidents Cup experience was great. The tournament helped us work on improving our game and stepping up to harder, bigger challenges.  Our team chemistry has definitely skyrocketed throughout the tournament, on and off the field.  Lastly, it helped me be more confident as a soccer player and as an individual.
Brett G. - U14 Boys
The Presidents Cup experience is an experience I will never forgot. Going to Louisiana (for the Region 3 Tournament) was already a great journey considering it was the furthest I had ever gone outside of Georgia.  I was very excited to fly on my first plane to Overland Park, Kansas (for the National Tournament).  However, playing against teams of that caliber was definitely the best part.  I’ll never forget the gift exchange and van rides to the fields with my boys, getting pumped up for the next game! 
Tanner L. - U14 Boys
I was lucky enough to experience Presidents Cup three times with the same team. Two of those times, we won the state tournament which was an amazing experience, not only because of the high level of competition and excitement of Regionals, but because it brought my team closer together. We had never worked harder in practice than we did leading up to Presidents Cup. My team was determined, focused, and played for each other, which is honestly all you need when competing at a high level.  We never had an amazing skill set or stand out players, but during this tournament we definitely set ourselves aside because of our work ethic. Every year, my team would get so excited for Presidents Cup because it gave us a chance to prove ourselves and represent our state. It didn’t matter how well our season went because we knew that we could show up all the teams by becoming champions. In my 11 years of playing soccer, I have made a lot of memories, but honestly none come close to those made when competing in Presidents Cup.
Sarah L. (2011, 2012 State Champion team) 


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