Sharp Shooter Event at Quest Fest...Click or Go Under Documents for Details

Sharp Shooter Event
(9:30 am - 6 pm Saturday )
*May end a little earlier or stay open longer based on participation
The Sharp Shooter Event will test your accuracy, focus, and composure, against many players at the tournament.  This is an event, that any player, sibling, or parent can participate in. You could be known as The Sharp Shooter of Quest Fest 2020!
Cost to participate: $5. Pay at check-in booth/tent onsite during event. May compete multiple times but must pay for each attempt.
Players will shoot 15 soccer balls and 1 Golden Ball into an All-American SKLZ net. Distance will vary depending on age. The SKLZ net goes over the soccer goal, with only the corners of the goal open. The player will have 15 soccer balls lined up at a specific distance, and a Golden Ball
will be at a farther, more challenging distance. The points system is as follows: top corners are 10 points, the bottom corners are 5 points, and the Golden Ball is worth double the amount of points depending on the corner you place it in. All shots, including the Golden Ball, must be
taken within the specified time.
In the case of a tie, it will come down to time first. If the tie isn’t broken by time, there will be a one ball shootout.
Award for Sharp Shooter: 2012-2014 ,2011- 2010, 09-07, 06-03,  Adults
2012-2014: 12 yards, 1 min - size 4 soccer ball
2010-2011: 15 yards, 1 min - size 4 soccer ball
2007-2009: 18 yards, 1 min - size 5 soccer ball
2003-2007: 18 yards, 1 min - size 5 soccer ball
Adults (2002+):  25 yards, 1min - size 5 soccer ball


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