Online check in will be available when teams are accepted to the tournament. Online check in  can be started after acceptance,  however Online check in must be started  by November 12th, and completed no later than November 18th, at 12 Noon. There is a $20 to  use the online check in option, set by SINC.   Due to COVID, Online check in is the PREFERRED method! 
Failure to check-in will result in automatic disqualification (without a refund of the fee) from the Tournament. Please note - There will be NO SATURDAY CHECK INS.


Online Check in MUST be completed by November 18th  at noon!








At registration, teams must provide the required credentials.  All teams must present:

  • State Roster - one copy of the official roster (issued by your State Soccer association, available from club registrar).  Hand write guest players on this roster if needed.  The roster will be kept by tournament officials.
  • Game Cards – Game cards will be generated by the system (after you enter your roster, AND schedules are  released ).  Please bring 5 game cards with you to registration. Game cards can be  found  under  the "team tasks" page. Please do not generate  your  game  card until AFTER you enter your team roster under team  tasks! 
  • Player Release Form signed by parents ( form available AFTER teams accepted to tournament,  can  be printed under  "team tasks")
  • Player I.D. Cards – must be laminated with photograph. (issued by your State Soccer association and available from club registrar).
  • COVID release  form - can be found on "Documents" tab. Must be signed by  parent. 
  • Medical Release Form - forms do NOT need to be notarized and you may use your club form.
  • Permission to Travel Form - US Youth Soccer teams from outside Georgia must also provide this including a roster listing all players authorized to travel.

After the player passes and team roster have been stamped and verified, the Game Cards will be returned to the team representative. The approved game cards will be used for tournament games

If you are not able to check in online or during the above times, please contact  Allison Miner at


Failure to check in will result in tournament disqualification.



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