2020 Tournament Rules

2020 Tournament Rules


· The tournament is open to all Select, Academy, Recreational boys’ & girls’ soccer teams.

· Soccer in College will be used for placing all teams in the appropriate division, however, the Tournament Director reserves the right to place teams in the playing division deemed appropriate based on reported league standing and previous tournament experience.

General Rules

· Players may play on only one team participating in this tournament.

· Up to Five(5) USYSA or US Club Soccer registered guest players can participate on a team in this tournament. The age of guest players must be within guidelines for the playing division entered.

· Since the tournament needs to be completed over a single weekend, protests will not be allowed.

· The Tournament Committee, Columbus Youth Soccer Association, Columbus Futbol Club Redstar or any of its affiliate organizations shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or individual if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part for any reason.

· The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament and his decision is final.

Laws of the Game

· FIFA's Laws of the Game shall govern all aspects except as modified for the tournament.

Time of Play

Age Group
Preliminary Halves
20 min 


20 min

Players Max


25 min

25 min



25 min

25 min



30 min

30 min



30 min

30 min



30 min 30 min 11
 * No heading allowed for U/8 thru 12

· For brackets consisting of teams from multiple age groups, all game times will be played based on the age of the oldest team(s) in the bracket.

· Referees will run a continuous clock during all games. No injury time will be allowed unless an injury is serious in nature.

· Referees will be encouraged to caution players (unsporting behavior) who waste time in an effort to gain an advantage over an opponent.

· Preliminary round games can play to a tie, even if there is no semi or final match in a bracket. Therefore, no overtime period is provided in preliminary rounds .


· Coaches will be allowed unlimited substitutions, with the referee's consent:

* Prior to a throw-in in your favor. Prior to a goal-kick by either team. Prior to a kick-off by either team.

* At half time. After a player has been cautioned. After an injury. Before beginning an overtime period.

· Players who have been ejected may not be substituted for. Per FIFA rules, a team whose player has been ejected must play short-handed for the rest of the game (and any overtime periods, if needed.) The ejected player must immediately leave the field and the soccer complex.

Player's Equipment

· Shoes and all other equipment must meet FIFA specifications.

· All players must wear shin guards during games.

· No jewelry is to be worn at all.

· All players from the same team shall wear the same colored uniform - with the active goalkeeper being the only exception. All teams should be prepared to wear an alternate uniform in case of a jersey color conflict. Playing in skins is not allowed.

· In case of a jersey color conflict, the home team must change jerseys.

· The team listed first on the schedule is considered to be the home team.

· The goalkeeper shall wear a different color jersey than his teammates, the referees, and his opponents.

· All equipment is subject to referee approval.

Inclement Weather

· No game shall be played if there is lightning in the area.

· Only the Referee, Field Marshal or Tournament Director may cancel a game due to inclement weather.

· If a game is stopped after halftime due to inclement weather, the Tournament Director reserves the right to call the game complete and the results will be officially listed as a complete game.

· If a game is canceled due to inclement weather and circumstances permit, the game will be decided by FIFA shots from the penalty mark. If that is not possible, the game will be decided by the flip of a coin.

· The Tournament Director reserves the right to cancel any game that has no bearing on the selection of teams to qualify for semi-final or final rounds.

Mutually-Agreed-Upon Cancellations

· If both teams agree to cancel a game for any reason, the Tournament Director must be notified at least one hour prior to the scheduled start of the match so the referees can be notified. Games resolved in this manner will either be recorded as a 4-0 win should one Coach concede or a 0-0 tie if both Coaches agree to a tie. If this notification is not received by the Tournament Director in a timely manner, both teams will be considered “no shows” and no points will be awarded either team.

Point System

· Team standings will be based on the following point system:

* Win: 3 Points

* Tie: 1 Points

* Loss: 0 Points


· If one team does not show up to participate in a scheduled match, the team which did show up will be awarded the maximum number of points allowable (3-0 score, ).

· If neither team shows up for a scheduled match, no points will be awarded to either competitor and the score will be listed as 0-4 for both teams.

No Shows

· Failure to inform the Tournament Director of the team's decision not to play a scheduled match will result in the removal of the team from the tournament and the forfeiting of all previously played games.

Bracket Tie Breakers

· In the event of a tie within a bracket after all preliminary games are completed, the following tie breakers, in the sequence listed, will be used to determine the winner, second place and wildcard, if needed.

1. Points
2. Winner of head-to-head competition (not used for more than a two-way tie) .

3. Goal differential (Max 4 goals).

4.  Least goals allowed.
5.  Goals scored ( Max 4 goals) 

6.  Shots from the penalty mark.

 · The team listed first in the schedule is the home team.

· In the event of a jersey conflict, the home team is required to change to alternate jerseys.

· All teams should be prepared to use a set of alternate jerseys; no team will be allowed to play in "skins."

· Failure to use alternate jerseys may result in a forfeit.

· The home team must provide a game ball. The referee may, however, choose a ball provided by the visitors.

· The coach should also present the referee with a completed game card (provided in the coach's packet) for the appropriate match.

· A player not listed on the game card at the time of check-in is ineligible to play in that game.

· The start of play shall take place at the scheduled time. Teams failing to report ready to play will forfeit the game. If both teams fail to report on time, both teams will be listed as losing 0-3.

· Each team will be represented on the field of play by a coach or parent for the duration of the game. A team not so represented shall forfeit the game.

· Player passes, excluding those of challenged or ejected players, must be picked up from the Field Marshal at the end of each match.

· Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the spectators with their team.

· Spectators may be banned from the tournament.

· In the event that a spectator is asked to leave and does not leave as soon as told or returns at a later time, the game may be terminated.

· The Tournament Director will determine if the game is to be replayed, continued or forfeited by the offending team.

· Players ejected from the game (red card) are automatically suspended from their team's next game.

· Violations of a serious nature (i.e. fighting, referee abuse/assault) may require further disciplinary action such as banning further tournament play.

· Any coach or spectator ejected from a match will be banned from all tournament site(s) and activities until 30 minutes prior to the next game. They are eligible to attend after their automatic one-game suspension has been served.

· Coaches who receive two cautions over the course of the tournament will be banned from all tournament sites and activities for a one game suspension.

· If a coach is responsible for multiple teams, the cautions are cumulative for the entire tournament.

· Suspended coaches are not allowed to return to tournament sites until 30 minutes prior to the next game in which they are eligible to attend after their one game suspension has been served.

· Coaches are responsible for keeping track of cautions.

· Referees will be filing a report on all coach cautions.

· Teams will forfeit a game in which an ineligible coach participates.


· Please check with the  with the Tournament Director if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great tournament!


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