Tournament Rules

1. FIFA / Laws
All Tournament matches will be played in accord with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA. The following Dynasty Futbol Academy (DFA) rules supplement the Laws of the Game.  In the event of any rules dispute during the event, the DFA rules of the game will be the rules of record during the tournament.
The following rules have been designed to ensure fair play for all participants.  Each player is expected to understand these rules prior to their participation in the tournament.  Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to the Tournament Director.
Teams will be placed into divisions based upon age, gender and playing experience. Any team or player determined by the Tournament Director to have falsified age or skill level will be dismissed from the tournament. Teams that span more than one age group will be placed into the division of the oldest player on the team.
2. Team Acceptance
a)   The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any team application.
b)   Once accepted by the Tournament Committee, the application fee is non -refundable.
a)   All teams are required to check-in before tournament play begins.
b)   Participation fees which are returned from any bank for any reason will NOT be re-deposited. The amount of the check plus a $25.00 fee (cashier’s check or money order ) must be received in the SportsHQ office within 7 days.
Player Registration: The DFA and SportHQ Youth Medical release form will act as team roster. This must be completed and signed by all players, or parent/guardian for youth players.  Teams cannot add players after their first game has been started. Any team or player determined by the Tournament Director to have falsified age, identity or skill level will be dismissed from the tournament. Tournament officials have the right to demand proof of age for any player included on the roster.
3.  Roster and Player Documentation
a)    Each team must be prepared to present player proof of age in the event a player’s age is questioned. For Youth players copies of their birth certificate or passport will be required. For players 16 and over a Valid NC driver’s license is sufficient. We cannot accept USYS/NCYSA player cards as proof of age.
b)    Complete rosters with date of birth must be certified by an Adult team manager/coach at check-in. Each team shall provide five completed rosters at check-in. Match roster must be provided to the referees prior to each match.
c)    Roster and player documentation may be inspected at any time during the tournament.
d)    A Completed Medical Release form must be signed by all participants.
 e)    All teams will comply with the Tournament rules and the Tournament Director’s decisions are final.
4.  Number of Players: Eight is the maximum number of players on a team: Three field players, 1 Sweeper/Keeper, and four substitutes. (A team must have a minimum of 4 players on their roster). Players may only play on one team per division. 
5.  Coed Rules: A coed team consists of a combination of male and female players.   Coed teams will be placed int he male division of their age at the tournament.
6. Eligibility
All players will follow the USYS age guidelines for the current playing season. The age group of each team is determined by the birth date of the oldest player on the roster. AGE DETERMINATION: The player’s playing age is determined by the following guidelines:
Age Division Birth Year Range Maximum Roster
Adult 2003-Older 8 Players
U19 Divison 2006-2004 8 Players
U16 Division 2007 8 Players
U15 Division 2008 8 Players
U14 Division 2009 8 Players
U13 Division 2010 8 Players
U12 Division 2011 8 Players
U11 Division 2012 8 Players
U10 Division 2013 8 Players
U8-U9 Division 2015-2014 8 Players


7. Player Equipment
a)   All teams will play with an age appropriate size soccer ball.
b)   When the color of the jersey is similar or identical, the designated home team (the team listed first in the schedule) will change jerseys.
c)    All players must have matching uniforms or shirts. (Training Bibs can be used to match uniforms for matches)
d)   No jewelry may be worn by any player (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.)
e)   Players wearing casts are allowed to play with the approval of the Tournament Director and/or Referee Assignor.
f)    Shin guards must be worn at all times by all players.
g)   Medical ID bracelets must be taped.
h)   All referee decisions are final regarding player equipment.
8. Substitutions
Substitutions shall be unlimited, Substitutions may be made “on the fly” .  All age groups will have unlimited substitutions and players may re-enter the game.  The substitute must wait until the player is exiting the field and touch line before entering the field.  Player must tag the substitute at the line before entering the field.
9. Player, Coach, Spectator Ejection
Any player ejected from a match will not be replaced and will not be allowed to participate in his team’s immediate next match. Ejection for fighting by players and coaches will result in the player or coach not being allowed to participate in any remaining tournament matches. Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed to coach his/her team in its immediate next match. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the players and parents on his/her team. Coaches not taking responsibility for their sideline’s conduct may be cautioned and/or ejected. Coaches, players, or spectators ejected must not be within “sight or sound” of the playing field. 
10. Seating
Teams (Players, Coaches, and Mangers) will only be allowed inside of the fence of the fields occupy one side of the field with each team between the end line and center lines (for fields with limited room, teams may occuppy corner areas of the field).  All Spectators are asked to remain outside the fence of the fields.
11. Game Duration:
 a)    Each match shall consist of two 12-minute halves separated by a two minute halftime period OR the first team to reach 12 goals, whichever comes first.
b)   A coin toss will determine direction and possession before the start of the match. Matches tied after regulation play shall end in a tie.
 c)    There are no timeouts and the game clock does not stop in 4v4 steet soccer matches.
A team, at the discretion of the referee, will forfeit at match time if they are not present. The tournament does not require the referee to add time for substitutions. The official clock will not stop for any reason unless in the judgment of the referee: Removing an injured player from the field would endanger the physical well-being of the player or: other conditions so warrant in the judgment of the referee.
Any game shortened due to injury will be continued or made up at the sole direction in of the Tournament Director.
The referee has the official time on the field and holds the right to take necessary action if he/she feels that a team is delaying the game.
12. Field Dimensions: The playing field is approximately 40 yards long by 30 yards wide for all ages.
13. Ties
In all matches ties will stand at the end of regular play.  Ties will stand for consolation matches. For both semi -final and championship matches, in the event of a tie, teams will be given a two minute rest and then immediately proceed with two consecutive four minute overtime periods that will only be stopped if a team reaches 12 goals. In that case, the team to have scored 12 goals will be the winner of the game. If the teams are still tied at the end of the two overtime periods, the winner of the match will be determined using the FIFA penalty kick method. Prior to starting the FIFA Penalty Kick shootout, the referee must ensure that each team has the same number of eligible players in the center circle. If one team has finished the game with fewer players than the other, the other team must reduce the number of players eligible to participate in the shootout so that both teams have the same number of players.
14. Alternate Rules of Play: Kick Offs / Kick Ins / Direct and Indirect Kicks / Goal Kicks / Penalty Kicks:
a)    KICK OFF: May be kicked in any direction. You cannot score directly from a kick off (ball must be 100% over the mid- line to be considered on the offensive half of the field). The kick off is an indirect kick.
b)   KICK-INS: The ball shall be kicked into play from the sideline, rather than thrown in. The ball is considered in play when the ball is touched and changes position. This is an indirect kick, and a goal cannot be scored from this kick.
c)    DIRECT & INDIRECT KICKS: All dead-ball kicks (kick-ins, kick-offs, free kicks) are indirect with the exception of corner kicks and penalty kicks. Indirect kicks must only change position before the ball will be considered in play. If a free kick is awarded within five yards of the opposing goal box, the ball will be moved back to the arc around the goal.
It is the referee’s discretion where the ball will be placed.
      d)   GOAL KICKS: May be taken from any point of the end line. All Goal Kicks are indirect kicks.
      e)    PENALTY KICKS: Shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card). Penalty kicks are DIRECT kicks taken from the designated spot (U8-u10 players from spot at top of goal arc and for U11-Older from furthest pk spot) on the field with all players (on both teams) behind the mid-line. Penalty kicks are dead ball infractions. 
f)     Five Yard Rule: In all dead-ball situations, defending players must stand at least five yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal is closer than five yards, the ball shall be played from the top of the goal Arc in line with the direction of play prior to the penalty. 
g)   Slide Tackles.  Slide Tackles to attempt to strip a ball from an attacker are not allowed at any age.  Indirect kick at the spot of the foul or as directed by INDIRECT FREE KICK rule.
      h)   Offside.  No offside will be called.
      i)    Heading. At U12 and below, players are prohibited from heading the ball. Violation of this rule will result in an indirect kick at the spot of the foul
      j)    No Punting of the ball allowed at anytime, it a keeper punts the ball the opposing team will be awarded a indirect free kick at the top of the goal arc.
15.  The Goal
We will be using Futsal Goals during the Tournament.  Approximate goal dimensions are 10ft. x 6.5ft.
16.  The Goal Arc
The goal arc is a six yard radius semicircle located directly in front of the goal.  This is the only place the designated Sweeper/Keeper is allowed to use their hands to protect the goal.
17. Goal Scoring: A goal may only be scored from a touch (offensive or defensive) within the team’s offensive half on the field. The ball must be completely on the offensive half of the field, and cannot be touching the mid-line (Example: kick-off). If a player in their defensive half kicks the ball across the midline and the ball hits another player (offensive or defensive) and the ball goes in the goal, a goal will be awarded.  If a ball is kicked from the defensive half and is not touched before the ball rests in the goal, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.
18. Determination of Division Winners
Three points will be earned for a win, one point for a tie and no points are earned for a loss.  Any forfeiture will be scored as a 5-0 win with three points awarded to the winner.  Where it is required to break a tie for standings within a division or for purposes of determining placement, the following order will be used to determine the winner:
a)   Head-to-head competition – Except where three teams are tied, in which case head-to-head competition will not be used.  NOTE: If standings or placement must continue past 1st place team, then the determination of
placement will revert back to head-to-head as first tie-breaker.
      b)   Goal Differential (Maximum of 5 goals per game)
      c)    Least number of goals allowed.
      d)   Most goals scored (Maximum of 5 goals per game)
e)   FIFA penalty kicks. If necessary, these penalty kicks will take place immediately prior to the semi -final or championship match.
      f)    In the event of a forfeit, tie breaking rules will only be applied if actually played.
19. Forfeits
A forfeit shall be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play within five minutes of the scheduled commencement time.  Any team forfeiting a match will not be allowed to play in a semi -final or championship game. It is requested that teams be present 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled commencement of a match to a id in the timely start of play.  Two players constitute a team when playing 4v4.   A forfeit will be scored 5-0.
20. Protests
None allowed.
21. Inclement Weather
Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear at the respective field site, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match.  Only the Tournament Director may cancel or postpone a match.  Referees may suspend a match.  In the case of severe weather, in his/her discretion, Tournament Directors may cancel any and all games.   Referees and field marshals will not consider beginning or continuing matches when a lightning storm exists. No refunds will be given in the event of tournament cancellation.
22. Special Note
These are subject to inspection at any time by referees or tournament officials. All rosters and tournament documents will be checked prior to the tournament.
Be sure to have in your possession at each game:
a) Current medical release forms for each player.
b) Tournament approved/validated Match roster.
c) Valid Identification
23. Disclaimer
Neither the Tournament Committee, Dynasty Futbol Academy, SportHQ, or the Tournament Sponsors are responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event that the tournament in cancelled in whole or in part or in the event games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions, nor will any refunds be made. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament. The judgment of the Tournament Committee is final. The Tournament Director has authority to make all decisions and these decisions will be final. All referee decisions are final and binding.
Please remember that the SportHQ Spring 4v4 Street Soccer Tournament is dedicated to the development of all of the athletes participating in the tournament, to good sportsmanship and for the “good of soccer.” The Tournament Director may suspend, without recourse or appeal, any players, coaches, parents, or other persons who demonstrate anything less.
All teams must comply with the Tournament rules and Tournament Director’s decisions are final.


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