Connect yourself to your team. 
  • Click on Teams
  • Find your team and click the team name. 
  • Click the STAFF icon. 
  • If you are listed skip to FORGOT MY PASSWORD 
  • If you are not listed, click the "add staff" link: 
  • If you believe you have a user profile on the sincSports system, enter your email address and click the "magnifying glass" icon to search the system for your email address (or, if you are already logged into sincSports, you may click the "Just Add Me," button:
  • If you do have a user profile in the system linked to the email you searched, you will click the "Connect," button associated with that profile.
  • If you do not, you will enter your first name, last name, email address, and gender and click "Add to Team."
At this point, you will have been added to the team, but you will not have any update access.  The next step is needed to gain access.

You will receive an email with a link 

Log In 

Click the link in the email.  You will be logged in to the site and will have the option to create a update your password.  (The link in the email is only valid for a limited time and will not work once you reset your password.)
Request update access for the team.
You must be logged in to complete this step.
  • Click on Teams 
  • Find your team and click the team name. 
  • Click the STAFF icon. 
  • Click REQUEST ACCESS next to your name 
Your access request will be sent to all team and club staff members and the tournament/league director that have update access so that any one of them can grant your request.  You will see their names in red at the top of the screen after you submit your request.

You will receive another email once the league office or your club administrator updates your access 


Place your mouse over the ? in the upper right corner and select I FORGOT MY PASSWORD. If you do not know the correct email you may follow the steps above to re-add yourself to the team. After receiving your Access codes: 
  • Click on LOGIN (top right)
So, how do you know if you have access?
As soon as you log into the event site, you will be taken to your control panel.  The teams you are connected to will be listed.  There will be a white panel with each of your teams registered for the event.
If you do not have access, there will be green bar you may click to request access from Club or existing team staff (where applicable):
Once you have access, you will be able to use the tools in the tasks menu to update your team.