Update Fields and Schedule Games

As soon as you log in, you will be taken to your Control Panel.  View Club Team will take you to your team list and the list of tasks made available to you by the Event Director.
Click Club Admin to go to your Administration page.
Your club venues should be listed under the Club Venues Panel.  If any are missing, click Update Venues.
If the venue does not appear in either drop down list you will need to contact Julian Rey-Montes at JRey-Montes@epysa.org
Your teams' will be listed in the Home Games panel.  If you have not reached the deadline you will be able to schedule each game by clicking the Update button by any game..
Once you click "Update" next to any game, you will have the ability to schedule any of your team's home games. The change will carry your ID and it is important that you only make valid changes since they will immediately be updated in the schedule and an email will go out to the teams and assignors informing them of the change.
You may "unschedule" any game due to postponements or cancellations by clicking Unschedule Game.



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