Public Access

Modify Public Access

In order to change the team and game information that is available to the public, select an option and follow the instructions.

Publish the Schedule

Before you can make your schedules 'live' for the first time you will need to 'publish' them. 'Publishing' indicates schedules are being released to the public and updates should be tracked. This is a one-time step which can not be undone*.

You must indicate whether you wish to track changes so all team administrators can be notified. You must also indicate whether or not you want notifications to go out automatically.

Although we will make the schedules 'online', we will first set EVERY division to offline to make sure notifications are not sent unless you are ready. You can set individual or all divisions to online in the next step.

* When a division goes 'live', schedules are automatically transferred to the SincTeam system and appear on teams personal calendars. Some teams have opted to have all of their staff, athletes and families receive notifications when their calendar changes or items are added or removed.

Since some notifications are automatically transmitted once the schedule is published and a division is live, 'unpublishing' is not feasible. (Of course, notifications are placed on hold if the division is off-line).

NEW: Notifications will be sent when teams advance if tracking is set to AUTO during scoring for the event.

I will NOT need to track schedule changes
I want to track changes to the schedule
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