Assignor: Jessy Mejias
Hotels: Available for referees who work a min of 7 games over the weekend. Double Occupancy.
Game Locations: Foley Sports Tourism Complex (920 E Pride Blvd, Foley, AL 36535)
Payment Method:
Referees will be paid in cash at the end of each day.
Ref Pay
U9-10 - $35
U11-12 - $40/30/30
U13-16 - $45/35/35
U17-19 - $50/40/40
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Rules: Click Here

The Big Wave Classic does not tolerate referee abuse of any kind.  The decisions of the referee are final and cannot be changed or disputed.  If you have a question or a concern about a referee, if you hear or see referee abuse, or are the target of referee abuse please contact the Tournament Director.




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