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Under 13 Girls Silver

Groups are processed one at a time. If teams are tied in points after the group play points are awarded (Tied teams will appear in blue), we will apply the tie breaker rules to tied teams until all ties are broken or the tie breaker rules are exhausted. Points awarded to teams to determine the winner of the tiebreakers are shown in the last column on the right.

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Group A

PlaceGroup PlayPoints 
1stRoswell Santos 00 Red7
2ndCFCA 00G Elite5
3rdAmbush G00 White4
4thConcorde Fire North Girls Red0
The current standings for group A are reflected in the table above.

Group B

PlaceGroup PlayPoints 
1stAFC Lightning '00/'00 Girls Premier7
TIEDPSA Las Leonas4
TIEDUFA Forsyth 99G White4
4thTop Hat 18 Blue1
Teams are tied after group play. We will begin applying tie breaker rules to determine the standings.

PlaceHead to Head PointsTiebreaker
1stAFC Lightning '00/'00 Girls Premier7
2ndPSA Las Leonas43
3rdUFA Forsyth 99G White40
4thTop Hat 18 Blue1
The current standings for group B are reflected in the table above.

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