First Coast KYX 91/92 BlueDelray Beach Soccer Redhots
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 Prior Matches
DateEventHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
5/26/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalFirst Coast KYX 91/92 Blue4Delray Beach Soccer Redhots0
4/26/2008FYSA Florida State CupFirst Coast KYX 91/92 Blue4Delray Beach Soccer Redhots3
5/25/2007Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalFirst Coast KYX 91/92 Blue5Delray Beach Soccer Redhots0

 Common Opponents
OpponentFirst Coast KYX 91/92 BlueDelray Beach Soccer Redhots
Gainesville Glory10/24/2004North Florida Youth League SpringW 8-09/30/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]T 2-2
Tallahassee United5/26/2007Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 3-05/25/2007Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalL 0-1
Space Coast United Storm8/29/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-34/18/2009FYSA Florida State CupL 0-6
Space Coast United Storm10/5/2008Region III Premier League FallT 1-14/22/2006L 0-2
Weston Fury 91/92 Premier9/1/2008Disney Showcase QualifierL 1-21/30/2005Florida United Girls Soccer AssociationW 2-0
Clearwater Chargers Red4/18/2009FYSA Florida State CupW 2-14/15/2007FYSA Florida State CupL 0-1
Clearwater Chargers Red8/29/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 3-04/23/2006L 0-3
Clearwater Chargers Red9/29/2007Region III Premier League FallT 2-23/26/2005Countryside Easter TournamentL 0-6
Florida Rush Nike Premier9/7/2009Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-23/29/2008FYSA Florida State CupL 0-2
Florida Rush Nike Premier8/30/2009Region III Premier League FallW 4-19/3/2007Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-1
Florida Rush Nike Premier10/19/2008Region III Premier League FallW 8-12/17/2007Score At The ShoreT 0-0
Countryside Lightning Premier2/11/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 6-14/7/2007Countryside Easter TournamentL 0-3
Countryside Lightning Premier9/16/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-01/21/2007L 3-4
Naples Sharks3/30/2008FYSA Florida State CupW 6-04/22/2006L 0-1
Miami Premier4/15/2007FYSA Florida State CupW 6-09/8/2007Florida United Girls Soccer AssociationL 0-1
Brandon Flames5/9/2010FYSA Florida State CupW 2-13/22/2009FYSA Florida State CupL 0-1
Brandon Flames4/2/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 4-09/2/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-0
CFU Samba5/7/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 1-05/15/2005FYSA Florida State CupT 2-2
Countryside Lightning4/1/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 6-14/16/2006Countryside Easter TournamentL 0-1
Strictly Soccer Futbol Club5/25/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 4-05/24/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 3-0
Clay County2/17/200811V11 President's Day ChallengeW 9-08/23/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-1
First Coast KYX White5/26/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 5-09/22/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-0
First Coast KYX White5/25/2007Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 2-09/1/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions3/27/2010FYSA Florida State CupW 3-02/18/2008Score At The ShoreL 1-2
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions9/5/2009Disney Showcase QualifierW 7-04/14/2007FYSA Florida State CupL 1-3
JYSC Fury Green3/17/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-13/29/2008FYSA Florida State CupT 0-0
JYSC Fury Green10/4/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-010/14/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]L 0-1
JYSC Fury Green9/13/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 4-19/2/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-0
JYSC Fury Green10/22/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 4-09/1/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-0
JYSC Fury Green5/29/2005FYSA Florida State CupW 6-15/14/2005FYSA Florida State CupL 0-1
Hc United Red3/28/2010FYSA Florida State CupW 4-03/30/2008FYSA Florida State CupW 6-0
Gainesville SA Power6/29/2006L 1-23/9/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]T 2-2
Gainesville SA Power5/30/2006L 1-29/3/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-1
10/31/2004North Florida Youth League SpringW 1-08/23/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-1
AFC Lightning '92 White10/17/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-212/31/2004Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsL 0-1
Tophat 10 Gold8/31/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 3-29/1/2007Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-1
Dallas Texans 92 Red12/30/2006Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsL 0-612/30/2004Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsL 0-6

Student Athlete
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 USA Rank
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue
Region IIIN/A
Jacksonville Armada Youth FC

USA Rank 
Delray Beach Soccer Redhots
Region IIIN/A
AC Delray
Student Athlete
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Mike Walker

Suzanne LeViseurManager
Mike WalkerCoach

Tony J Stevens

Tony J StevensCoach
Jose L. KruyffAssistant

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