XFC Warriors 00

U18 born in 2000 Boys  
Xcel Futbol Club
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05/28/2017GUSA White 3 - 1 W
05/27/2017SCS Clinton United 0 - 5 L
05/27/2017LRSA Bladen FC 8 - 1 L
04/23/2017Nksa B00 Blue 0 - 0 T
04/22/2017CU Academy 1 - 1 T
04/22/2017Warren County Wcsa 2000b Elite 2 - 2 T
04/09/2017U17 Blue 2 - 0 L
04/09/2017Argentina 1 - 1 T

Peter DodgionManager
Christina McCallManager
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
21Ethan Ball 
3Collin Dodgion 
33Luke Ellis 
25Parker Elmore 
22Isaac Perry 
12Jackson Ross 
23Nicholas Sabotchick 
00Perigrine Schray 
6Chase Smith 
14Izsak Unger 

0WV051FXFC Warriors 00WVM00046Y0YYY

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