Disciplinary Enforcement

To all SCFA Managers and Coaches,

Last season we enforced the rule covering the use of foul language towards officials and players during a match.  Last weekend we experienced one of the worst examples of the use of foul language during an SCFA match.  The situation has been escalated due to the fact the representatives from our affiliate club, Space City Futbol Club were present during this display.

Regardless of the fact that we submit team fees to cover field, light usage, mowing, lining, seeding, fertilizing we are still the guests of the managing groups of these facilities.  We all understand that in the heat of competition that words can slip out, however we are all expected to be good representatives of the FA and the explosive display of foul language in front of parents and young player's will not be tolerated.

The SCFA will from here forward authorize officials to abandon a match if language is escalated to the point to be deemed out of control and disrespectful and a poor representation of the SCFA.  The score of the match when abandoned will be recorded as the final score for the match and no fee's will be refunded.  Player's and fans involved will be investigated and fines as well as suspensions and point deductions will also be implemented as punishment.

Teams are responsible for their fans behavior and will be held accountable.  This is a serious matter and we ask that everyone informs their teams of the situation.

Respectfully yours,

Andrew Abbey
Space City Football Association - An Affiliate of SCFC

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