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Gracie Bloodworth#0

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    9th Grade at The Academy for Classical Education
    BETA Club
    Visual/Graphic Arts
    Band - Trumpet


    * View video highlights at:
    * I am fully committed to putting in the work and dedication necessary to be the best goalkeeper I can be for my team!
    * I am playing up on Macon Soccer's 04 Elite team, which is in the U17-U19 bracket for fall 2020, and only allowed 4 goals for the season.
    * Starting Goalkeeper for Middle School Soccer last year
    * Selected for 2016 DTC


    I co-Founded “Books, Bears, Love and Care”, a community outreach to promote literacy and provide homeless children with basic needs. See our newspaper article in my “journal”. For more information, our Facebook page is:

    I love all animals, especially my dogs, cat, chinchilla and chickens!



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