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    • JFC Premier Cup - Join us in Jackson, MS

      SAVE THE DATE - JFC Premier Cup - APRIL 19-21,2024 - U8-U19 - Add us to your spring calendar! Registration opens November 15 2023
      4/21 - We will be walking the fields to check conditions at 6:00am. We will let everyone know further information regarding play today by 6:30am. An email will be sent to team contacts and updated on this syste
      April 20 - any potential delays thoughout the day due to weather will be posted here and easily assessible on the SINC Sports app. A text message will go to the team contacts listed on the tournament application. All games will be played as scheduled pending any potential weather delays during the day. Good luck to everyone!

      12.56pm - We are currently under a 30 minute lightning delay at JFC. Play will resume at 1:25 as long as there is no more lightning. We will continue to update. Starting with 1:30 games and after, they will be delaye:d  start times. 1:30 will start at 2:00, 2:00 will start at 2:30...etc

      1:08pm - Freedom Ridge park is not under a delay currently, all games will start at their original start times at Freedom


      1:14pm Freedom Ridge is now under lightning delay. As long as no more lightning is seen, play will resume at 1:45pm. Beginning with 1:45 start times at Freedom Ridge, games will be delayed 30 minutes. 1:45 games will start at 2:15, 2:00 games at 2:30...etc.



      1:26pm - JFC is under another 30 minute lightning delay. If your game that was being played was in the second half, that game is considered complete. Currently games that were in progress will resume at 2:00 pm. Original scheduled times beginning with 1:30 start times, will now be delayed 1 hour. 1:30 will start at 2:30, 1:45 at 2:45, 2:00 at 3:00 etc. We will adjust start times online as soon as we get all updates published. 



      1:57 all new game times are updated online. 

      Reminder - if you had completed the first half of games being played when we went into delay, that game is now considered complete. Even if you were one minute into second half. All other games at all complexes are adjusted online to show a one hour delayed start from the original schedule. 


       Come join us at Jackson Futbol Club at one of the best tournaments in the south!

      Following a very successful tournament created in 1980, Crossroads of the South, JFC decided to offer a tournament that is more geared towards lower level competitive and D2/RecPlus level teams and JFC Premier Cup was born!

      2024 will be our 13th year and we would like to invite YOUR team to join us at our tournament, April 19-21, 2024! Only local teams play Friday night. Mississippi RecPlus teams are encouraged to apply along with any silver/bronze or 2nd, 3rd or 4th tier teams from competitive clubs (D1/Select). If a team classified as a premier level/first team from a club applies, we do ask that they play up a year to keep competition levels fair for all teams. 

      Teams return year after year because of the GREAT experience they have been offered. Come see why JFC Premier Cup is the PERFECT location to wrap up your spring tournament seasons and prepare for State Cup competitions at various levels. 

      We offer 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 play for this weekend for u8-U19 teams!

      Gold, Silver and bronze brackets are offered whenever possible. 

      Come join us in Jackson MS! 


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    • Important Information!

      NEW Acceptance policies which started in 2021 - 2nd and 3rd (silver and bronze) level competitive teams (C1/D1) WILL be accepted.  If you are a premier level team and would like to apply, we will allow you to play as long as you play 'up' at least one year. This helps us to keep the competition level competitive for any teams who apply. 

      If you are a premier level D1/Competitive team and have a question regarding your eligibility, please email us at

      Parking Charge:

      There will be a $10 per vehicle parking pass for the weekend and $50 per RV. This fee will be paid at the JFC Complex and cover all complexes for the weekend. 

      Schedule timeline:

      Preliminary schedules for the weekend will be released by Monday, April 15 at 6:00pm. Team contacts listed on the application will receive an email when schedules are released with further instructions. All schedule requests including time constraints and coaching conflicts should be emailed to by the close of registration on April 1. 


      Trainers from MS Sports Medicine will be onsite at the JFC Complex and Freedom Ridge Park only. Please remember that the primary job of our trainers at the tournament is to treat "In Game" injuries, and they have to be available and on call to do that. Ankle pre-wraps etc. are on a best efforts basis only. The trainer will do prewraps if he/she has time and are not dealing with an injury. In order to get prewrapped, players need to bring their own tape and wrap materials.



    • Information

      Registration will be open  November 15, 2023 and close on April 1, 2024. All registrations received after this point will be wait-listed and teams accepted on an as needed basis.  

      The tournament is sanctioned by USYS and US Club Soccer. 

      Please see the documents page for hotel booking information thru CSTT Sports Management

      Thanks again for visiting our tournament website and we hope to see you this year in Jackson!

      Jackson Futbol Club


    • Fees

      If you haven't done so already, please either go to the credit card page to pay by CC or mail a check to be received by April 10, 2023.

      Fees and Payment:

      Please note we may have dual age groups at 10U and above depending on teams applied. 8U teams may apply for the 9U division. If we have enough interest to form a true 8U division, one will be formed. 11U and above maybe dual aged divisions (ie. 11U will play 12U, 13U will play 14U, 15U will play 16U unless separate divisions may can be made, That decision will be on a case by case basis based on applied team information)

      8U-10U(7v7) - $450

      11U-12U (9v9) - $575

      13U-19U (11v11) - $600

      Please send payment with a check made payable to JFC to:

      JFC Premier Cup

      PO Box 12783

      Jackson, MS 39236

    • From Our Trainers

      Please remember that the primary job of our trainers at the tournament is to treat "In Game" injuries, and they have to be available and on call to do that.  Ankle pre-wraps etc. are on a best efforts basis only.  The trainer will do prewraps if he/she has time and are not dealing with an injury.  In order to get prewrapped, players need to bring their own tape and wrap materials. Trainers will only be available at the JFC Complex.

    • Questions?

      If you have any questions about our event, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you! 


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