We are excited to host you all for the Boys College Showcase presented by InStat! As part of your tournament experience, your team receives 16 tickets to the Men’s College Cup double-header semi-finals this weekend. The semi-finals will feature Syracuse vs. Creighton (6pm) followed by Pittsburgh vs. Indiana at 8:30pm. Your single-session tickets are valid for both games – you can come for one, both, or some of each! Games are at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, NC.

      In preparation for attending the College Cup games this weekend, the NCAA has pre-loaded 16 tickets/team through the NCAA Account Manager in an account under the name and email for “Team Contact 2” during your Tournament registration. If you are unsure who the Team Contact 2 (Team Manager) listed in your tournament registration is, please review the below “account holder” document. If this person is not your team’s manager, you will need to coordinate with this person to retrieve and transfer your tickets to you. There is no limit to how many times a ticket can be transferred. Team contacts who are listed on multiple teams will receive the appropriate number of tickets in their account to distribute (e.g., If you are a team manager for 2 teams, you will receive 32 tickets).

      To retrieve your tickets, please make sure you are following the below steps using the email associated with your team tickets (see below attachment for confirmation):


      • The system may prompt you to reset your password
      • FIRST LOGIN ATTEMPT? After clicking Sign In, scroll to the bottom of the pop up and click Sign Up. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your Ticketmaster account.
      • FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD or NEED TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD? Click Forgot Password at sign-in (shown on screen 2) to receive an email or text message with a one-time code to reset your password.
      • After logging in, click on Manage Tickets or My Events to see your tickets. Tap Select Event. Tickets to the selected event are viewable here. Select your tickets. Scroll horizontally to see all tickets to this event. The Add to Apple Wallet option is available on an iPhone.
      • Learn more about NCAA mobile tickets at
      • Note: Tickets will NOT be synced to your “normal” ticketmaster account/app; you’ll need to go back to the ncaa account manager browser link anytime you want to access your tickets
      • Questions/Issues: email
      • Ticket Resolution will be available in the box office on-site at WakeMed Soccer Park on the day of the event
      • We will touch base later in the week with pre-event information, reminders, and tips to have a great experience at the NCAA Men’s College Cup!
      • For any questions that cannot be answered through following instructions or reaching out to, email and we’ll do our best to help.

      Earlier this week, Friday’s semi-final matches were sold out. We know that some teams are looking for more tickets or may have extras to give to other teams. We’ve set up a Facebook group to help facilitate team connections. We had a lot of success with our girls teams this past weekend posting their needs and other teams helping to fulfill those if they weren’t going to use all their tickets. This group will not be closely monitored/managed by NCFC Youth, but will be keeping an eye on it and hope it provides some means to connect.

      Facebook Page

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