• In-State Referees
      In-state referees must add Ralph Jordan's assignor ID "(49)" into their USSF-NC ArbiterSports Custom Fields Section under USSF ARA & Assignor #(s). Select Profile -> Information -> Custom Fields.
    • Out-of-State Referees
      Out-of-state referees must register with the North Carolina Referee Association (NCSRA) by clicking Here. When asked for the assignor number, enter: "(49)". The area name and number are "Triangle" and "3" respectively. This registration must be done yearly in order to work games in NC as it includes the RIsk Management required for NC. This registration/risk management process can take several weeks to be processed, so please register early. 
    • Signing up to Referee for the Event
      To sign up for a particular tournament, log onto the NCFCYouth ArbiterSports group (102686). Under "Profile", select Information. In the Information Screen, select the "Custom Fields" section to see a list of tournaments and then select the appropriate "Yes" in the appropriate tournament selection, which includes the days you can work, and if a hotel is required. Click "Save" to return. Other items in that section can also be updated, such as T-shirt size, lunch preference, etc. Both Showcase weekends (Boys & Girls) will have Friday morning games, so you will see Fri selections in addition to Sat/Sun for Yes. Do NOT check "READY" at this time if you are a Tournament-only official. You will be instructed when to Attach to games or Block teams and when to check "READY".
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