• NCFC Youth's Referee Incentives
      • NCFC Youth provides travel stipends to out-of-state referees who are attending multiple days over BOTH Showcase weekends. Both travel mileage and referee grade will be factored into stipends. 
      • Lunch will be provided at the fields for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
      • Water, drinks, and snacks are supplied for referees at all game sites.
      • A tournament T-shirt and gift are given to each referee.
      • Housing is available for referees traveling in for the tournament that plan to work at least 2 days. Rooms will be shared with another referee. Housing assignments are sent out during the week of each tournament, usually on Tuesday for those coming Thursday, and Wednesday for those coming Friday. 
      • Friday games start in the morning.
      • Fees are paid out by NCFC Youth the week following the tournament. ArbiterPay is the required method of payment. 
    • Match Fees
      U15 - U16: RR $54, SAR $35, JAR $35
      U17 - U19: RR: $60, SAR: $42, JAR $42
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