• Game Cards
      Game Cards MUST be submitted electronically via QR Code within 15 minutes of the conculsion of your game. Verifying that the score was submitted properly is the responsibilty of the winning team. If the game ends in a tie, the home team must verify. The home team is the team that wore the ligher color jersey in your game.
      After Your Game
      1) The referee will submit your Game Card but it is the winning/home team's responsibilty to verify. 
      2) The referee should scan the QR Code in the top right of the Game Card with a mobile phone. No special app or login required.
      3) Enter the score and type the reporter's initials. Hit Save.
      Again, ALL games must be entered via the QR Code. That is the primary method and must happen within 15 minutes. The hard copy should be submitted before you leave the complex.
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