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NASA Tophat Boys Classic
Postgame the home team will be responsible for entering the score of the game electronically.  Instructions on how to enter scores:
     a. Login either to SINC or NTH Tournament page to enter the control panel. 
     b. Click the blue 'EVENT TASKS' button next to your team(s) that are registered for the event. 
     c. Several options will appear, click "view your teams scheduled games". Team’s schedule should display. 
     d. Click the + next to a game, and the screen will expand showing a box to input a HOME and AWAY score. 
     e. Enter the score and click the blue "SAVE" button.




Liberty Blue
Under 19 Boys Royal Division Schedule

10:00 AMGame: 00428
Under 19 Boys Royal DivisionNoonday Park 11
2:00 PMGame: 00431
Under 19 Boys Royal DivisionNoonday Park 12
10:00 AMGame: 00433
Under 19 Boys Royal DivisionNoonday Park 11
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