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GSA Revolution Cup
The schedules are now available.   
As always, great care and attention has been given to accommodate the requests of each team, and as always this is never entirely possible.   There were an amazing number of groups of six that require three time slots on Saturdays - the only times those groups can have are at 8:00, 12:30 and 5:00.  This means that if your coach has another team in a group of six, the flexibility to move games is difficult and the risk of conflict will be very high and often unavoidable, particuarly when switching locations.   These groups of six also mean that the groups of four and eight are even more limited by the availability of field space.   
Finally, please remember that GSA is apparently close to pretty much nothing...  So many teams wrote that they had a long drive and we do understand that, but most of the teams coming to the event have equally long drives.   Where we could pay attention to the request for a late start, we did...but we could not honor all requests regarding travel time.
We need to finalize any changes very quickly - so please have all requests for changes to Dusty at by Monday morning.  We cannot make changes where there are close commute times or where there is just one game conflict.   We cannot move games closer together as that would negatively impact the teams that surround your game.   Please remember that every request you make - likely negatively impacts another team (or two or three).
Thanks and cross your fingers for continued dry weather.
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