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SnapSoccer Fall Playdates
Playdate Guidelines
1) Playdates are for training. The mood of the playdates should always remain positive for our players involved.
2) With over 100 teams in the playdate/league, there is no way we can honor all of the schedule requests. We will do our best, but we need you (the soccer clubs) to have carded staff members ready to step in and help if a schedule conflict arises. 
3) NO REF/COACH/STAFF HARASSMENT. This in no way will be tolerated. We are open to suggestions, just please do so in a professional/respectful manner. 
4) Please pick up any trash around your field after your game is over.



2010B (U10) First Division Schedule

10:30 AMGame: 00360
2010B (U10) First DivisionFairhope Field 14
10:30 AMGame: 00359
2010B (U10) First DivisionFairhope Field 9
1:30 PMGame: 00358
2010B (U10) First DivisionFairhope Field 14
3:00 PMGame: 00357
2010B (U10) First DivisionFairhope Field 14
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