United Cup Classic

Championship Team Summary
Under 18 Boys Second Division
Under 18 Boys First Division
Under 18 Girls First Division
Under 17 Boys Second Division
Under 17 Boys First Division
Under 16 Boys First Division
Under 16 Girls First Division
Under 15 Boys Second Division
Under 15 Boys First Division
Under 15 Girls First Division
Under 14 Boys Second Division
Under 14 Boys First Division
Under 14 Girls First Division
Under 12 Boys First Division
Under 11 Girls First Division
Under 10 Boys First Division
Under 09 Boys First Division1

Participating Team Ranking Information
Under 18 Boys Second Division5
Under 18 Boys First Division7
Under 18 Girls First Division6
Under 17 Boys Second Division4
Under 17 Boys First Division4
Under 16 Boys First Division6
Under 16 Girls First Division4
Under 15 Boys Second Division4
Under 15 Boys First Division6
Under 15 Girls First Division6
Under 14 Boys Second Division4
Under 14 Boys First Division5
Under 14 Girls First Division6
Under 12 Boys First Division4
Under 11 Girls First Division8
Under 10 Boys First Division4
Under 09 Boys First Division6

Participating Team National History
AgeTeamChampionship Results
U20MUnited International 96USYS 2015 Kentucky State Finalist
U20FCrew Juniors GoldUSYS 2014 Ohio State Finalist
U20MUNITED 1996 FC Boys 97 GOLDUSYS 2014 Kentucky State Finalist
msc strikers 2k blueUSYS 2018 Tennessee State Semi-Finalist
I have used the Soccer in College site for 8 years, and it has helped me keep my personal and soccer information up to date, and has helped be track college contacts and interest. I think the site helped me prepare for college offers, and helped me determine that I wanted to play for UNC.
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