Atlanta Final Four Showcase

Championship Team Summary
Under 18 Girls National League Red
Under 18/19 Girls Black
Under 18/19 Girls Red
Under 18/19 Girls Atlanta Beat
Under 18 Girls National League Blue
Under 17 Girls National League Red
Under 17 Girls Yellow
Under 17 Girls Black
Under 17 Girls Red
Under 17 Girls Atlanta Beat
Under 17 Girls National League Blue
Under 16 Girls National League Red
Under 16 Girls Yellow
Under 16 Girls Black
Under 16 Girls Red
Under 16 Girls Atlanta Beat
Under 16 Girls National League Blue
Under 15 National League Red
Under 15 Girls Red
Under 15 Girls Atlanta Beat
Under 15 Girls National League Blue
Under 14 Girls Atlanta Beat

Participating Team Ranking Information
Under 18 Girls National League Red6
Under 18/19 Girls Black11
Under 18/19 Girls Red10
Under 18/19 Girls Atlanta Beat13
Under 18 Girls National League Blue9
Under 17 Girls National League Red7
Under 17 Girls Yellow11
Under 17 Girls Black13
Under 17 Girls Red15
Under 17 Girls Atlanta Beat12
Under 17 Girls National League Blue7
Under 16 Girls National League Red6
Under 16 Girls Yellow15
Under 16 Girls Black14
Under 16 Girls Red13
Under 16 Girls Atlanta Beat11
Under 16 Girls National League Blue12
Under 15 National League Red7
Under 15 Girls Red9
Under 15 Girls Atlanta Beat11
Under 15 Girls National League Blue8
Under 14 Girls Atlanta Beat8

Participating Team National History
AgeTeamChampionship Results
U20FTeam Chicago Academy-BotafogoUSYS 2014 National Finalist
Javanon 95 BlackUSYS 2014 Regional Competitor
Rio Vista FC 95USYS 2014 Regional Competitor
JB Marine WipkeUSYS 2014 Regional Semi-Finalist
VSA Heat Blue 94/95USYS 2014 National Champion
Legends FC G94USYS 2014 National Competitor
Zionsville Youth Soccer 96 Girls Select IUSYS 2015 Indiana State Finalist
AFC Lightning '97 EliteUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
Express 96 G NavyUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
USYS 2014 Regional Quarter-Finalist
Huntsville FC Girls 96 BlueUSYS 2014 Alabama State Champion
Beach FCUSYS 2014 National Champion
LFC U16 Girls PremierUSYS 2014 Kentucky State Champion
United FA 96 EliteUSYS 2014 Georgia State Semi-Finalist
NW Nationals G95 RedUSYS 2014 Regional Semi-Finalist
Rio Vista FC96GUSYS 2014 Regional Quarter-Finalist
FC Alliance 96G BlackUSYS 2014 Tennessee State Champion
FC United U-16 SelectUSYS 2014 Regional Semi-Finalist
NASA 14 EliteUSYS 2014 Regional Semi-Finalist
Tophat 14 GoldUSYS 2014 Regional Finalist
BRYC '95 EliteUSYS 2014 National Semi-Finalist
Match Fit Chelsea BeatUSYS 2014 National Semi-Finalist
SLSG Premier NavyUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
USYS 2014 Regional Competitor
Beadling SC ThunderUSYS 2015 National Competitor
USYS 2014 National Competitor
Cleveland United WhiteUSYS 2015 Regional Finalist
USYS 2014 National Finalist
LNSC Carolina Eclipse GUSYS 2014 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
TUSA Gold GUSYS 2014 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
TNFC 96 ImpactUSYS 2014 Tennessee State Finalist
CFC East Lady Chiefs Gold 96USYS 2014 Georgia State Semi-Finalist
Legends FC G96USYS 2015 California State Semi-Finalist
USYS 2014 National Competitor
97 Girls BlackUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
PSC BaltimoreUSYS 2015 Maryland State Semi-Finalist
Cleveland UnitedUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
USYS 2015 Regional Competitor
CFC East Gold 97USYS 2015 Georgia State Finalist
DMCV Sharks 96/97 EliteUSYS 2014 National Champion
New York Rush Patriots 97US Club 2014 National Champion
Lou Fusz Becher IrelandUSYS 2015 Regional Semi-Finalist
NMSC Red GUSYS 2014 North Carolina State Champion
Cleveland FC 96USYS 2016 Ohio State Champion
USYS 2015 Ohio State Finalist
Ksa EliteUSYS 2015 Ohio State Champion
Farmingdale UnitedUSYS 2016 New York State Finalist
USYS 2015 New York State Finalist
Albion Hurricanes 97GUSYS 2015 Regional Finalist
VSA Heat BlueUSYS 2014 National Finalist
NSA JaguarsUSYS 2014 National Competitor
Sunrise Sting 97USYS 2014 Regional Quarter-Finalist
Courage 96 RedUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
FC Alliance 97G BlackUSYS 2015 Regional Semi-Finalist
USYS 2015 Regional Semi-Finalist
LNSC Eclipse GUSYS 2015 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
USYS 2016 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
AFC Lightning '98 Girls EliteUSYS 2016 Georgia State Finalist
USYS 2015 Georgia State Semi-Finalist
NASA G'17 ELITEUSYS 2017 Georgia State Finalist
Tampa Bay United Premier Girls 97USYS 2017 Regional Semi-Finalist
USYS 2016 Florida State Champion
USYS 2015 National Champion
OFC 98GUSYS 2016 Regional Finalist
USYS 2015 Oklahoma State Champion
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